Zipping downloads - good idea?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Lee Davies, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. Lee Davies

    Lee Davies Habitué

    Apart from the obvious (video and audio files to prevent streaming), is it a good idea to ZIP files for people to download?

    An article I read once about Windows stated:

    "Microsoft just expects people to plug things in and for it to work"

    So with that in mind, not everybody will know how to use .ZIP files and those who don't may not bother.

    It may seem a petty issue to some, but it's one that slightly concerns me.

    Your thoughts, please?
  2. cinq

    cinq Adherent

    Compression saves space resulting in a faster download, packaging is neater, zip is a very common format, and there are several good free archive programs available.

    Just include a FAQ or short writeup on what to do with the zip package upon downloading, to cater for the less savy users.
    Should solve all issues.
  3. Ian Griffiths

    Ian Griffiths Habitué

    ZIP won't compress files which are already heavily compacted, eg mp3/mpeg/exe.

    They're easy enough to decompress with a how to, plus you have the added bonus that the browser is likely to popup a box asking the user what they want to do with it, if they're left in their native format and the browser thinks it can handle it, it'll usually try.

    Then you get mails saying 'I'm trying to download this video and it just plays, help'.
  4. Lee Davies

    Lee Davies Habitué

    Yeah, thats an issue.

    I once saw a site go bust because they where offering alot of MP3 downloads (legal, of course). However, they didn't ZIP them and people continuiously streamed the content.
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