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  1. Isolated

    Isolated Aspirant

    I know I'm new here so I don't really know how things go usually. And for the most part people seem to be down on zetaboards. I was just wondering why there was no focus on zetaboards like all the other softwares.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. gogoblender

    gogoblender shiny happy pantless

    I'm a big fan of Zetaboards myself, that's actually where we grew up in our first year of our forum.

    Have you created some sites on Zetaboards or any other free sites?


  3. Mew

    Mew YUM YUM!

    Zetaboards is very rarely talked about here. When there is enough to warrent a section for it im sure it will be added.
  4. TrixieTang

    TrixieTang Politically Incorrect

    Free hosted software just isn't taken as seriously by a large number of forum admins. Same goes for free hosting, free domains and sometimes even free software.

    One reason for this is that a free or cheaply run site makes people think that the admin really doesn't care about the site and/or doesn't know what they're doing. Another reason is the fact that a lot of free forum hosts won't give you your database, in other words if something happens with the host or the database then your site is gone.
  5. Jura

    Jura Devotee

    There's a community of Zetaboard admins that run around joining each others forums and make forums that last for a couple months. Then they make a new one and repeat nearly all the same dumb topics.
  6. Lilly

    Lilly Enthusiast

    Maybe it's not talked about and a lot of admins that are using softwares such as Zetaboards, Forumotion, Proboards, etc don't feel there's an outlet to discuss their software. So a lot don't join or participate. I'm talking from experience since I owned a Proboards once. Why not have a sub-forum for all these softwares sub-forum? Then, there could be a description at the bottom, it can say (Zetaboards, Forumotion, Proboards, etc). Give these admins a place to go also to discuss their softwares instead of the general software board to make it more welcoming.
  7. gogoblender

    gogoblender shiny happy pantless

    Hi Lilly, I think this is a great idea.

    The fact is that these free resources are being used and are popular.

    I've seen a number of big boards born and still running on free sites, and I've always been more into results, if a free board works and is wildly successful, it means the folks running it are good, no qualms about using non brand-name products :p

    Zetaboards offers the dbases for sale, no fears of having your dbase stuck with them forever (as I've heard proboards does? ...unsure ).

    They are a great learning tool for new and young site creators, free and so easy to set up.


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  8. The Sandman

    The Sandman Administrator

    Welcome to our new Free Hosted Forums forum! :)
  9. gogoblender

    gogoblender shiny happy pantless



  10. Isolated

    Isolated Aspirant

    Zetaboards is honestly a good software. I've done a good deal of handling with most popular softwares. By far, I don't think any free software is as good. And honestly, IPB and Vbulletin are great, but if you're not running a hardcore business or some 2000 hits a day site, I don't see why a free forum is bad. I guess thats just me. But if I had the money, I probably would go with IPB or something.

    On the topic of those admins joining each others boards and whatnot, that still does happen to some extent. I've been a fairly active guy in the zetaboards community for a couple years now. What it really is is that most of the people in the community know each other. There are 3 huge boards for zetaboards resources (ZNR, Outline, and G-Force.) I think G-Force changed though. Nonetheless, people get to know each other quite a bit through there. And I think since the forums are free and so easy to setup, people make new boards all the time. Considering the time and effort it takes to make a successful forum, I figure that is part of the reason they ended up failing. Either way, the real reason behind all that is that they are all just friends I think.

    I guess that if most people around here don't talk about zetaboards, that would be the reason why you don't have a subforum for it.
  11. Hauzer

    Hauzer SkinsBuy Founder

    Indeed, ZetaBoard's isn't really discussed around here much, or a lot of places with board owners really (unless it's ZetaBoard's related :D).

    Personally I agree that ZetaBoard's is an amazing software, and has a lot of unique features. It's better than MyBB or phpBB IMO, but the downside is that it's freely hosted on ZetaBoard's servers. It definitely would be a better software if it was downloadable, so modifications and more developers could work with ZetaBoards freely.

    As stated earlier though, free forum software isn't taken seriously by a lot of forum owners, especially if it's freely hosted too (unfortunately including myself, as I work with IPB, vB and phpBB).

    Of course, ZetaBoard's is definitely a start to get yourself into running forums etc. I initially started off using InvisionFree when I was 11, and have now come a lot further (although I don't any forums atm, just administrate and develop skins). :)
  12. Hotmess

    Hotmess Participant

    Another Zetaboards fun checking in.

    I don't have much room to talk as I just started my very first forum - less than a 3 weeks ago - but I want to vouch for Zetaboards anyway. The software is very easy to use and though free, the staff are always prompt to respond if I have a question or concern. They are as friendly as they are helpful.

    I hadn't planned on spending money as a board owner but I was so impressed with Zetaboards that I decided to pay the monthly premium membership. They are that great
  13. DirtRider

    DirtRider bah humbug

    When I first started off on forum I stared with them but just before zeta was born, I think it was Invision or something and we like that setup. When they cut over to Zeta it was a mess the software sucked (don't know if it is better now). Anyway I can now thank them for this as this made me leave and find my own hosting. We had to start the forum from scratch as they refused to sell us our database as they promised to so that was a bit of an issue. So if you going to use services like this make sure they deliver on what they promise.

    Looking back now it was the best move we made and went to SMF and now we on vBulletin
  14. gogoblender

    gogoblender shiny happy pantless

    Invivision free sold us our Dbase as soon as we asked for it.


  15. RosenCruz

    RosenCruz Aspirant

    Zetaboads look really well and SEO friendly. A very upgraded form of old IPB I guess
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