Discussion in 'Free Hosted Forums' started by Incredible Coder, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. Incredible Coder

    Incredible Coder Aspirant

    I assume you've probably all heard that Zathyus Networks is inventing a new bulletin board system to replace its current InvisionFree - Zeta Boards.

    Looking at the beta board, Zeta Boards looks and works perfectly, and I'm going to upgrade my board to it when its released.

    Is anyone else going to be using this system or does anyone have any comments on it? You can also find the beta board at http://beta.zetaboards.com if you want to see its preview.
  2. Professor Piggy

    Professor Piggy Aspirant

    After all the fuss they made... I'm unimpressed.
    It's just another BBS, nothing special about it. It doesn't even have a RTE.

    I suppose it's the bested hosted solution about, but a free host + phpbb does a much better job, with no ads.
  3. Hazel

    Hazel Forum Fanatic

    It's ok. I'll reserver judgement until I see the admin panel, although some of the features could come in handy, such as the username requesting system.
  4. Jura

    Jura Devotee

    ZB forums with x amount of posts or less won't show ads.
    Also, IF ad removal lasts a nice while if you have the setting right and I'm sure ZB will be similar.

    It has ad ons like a store, I don't see that too often. It's a forum...so I don't know what any of you are expecting.

    For a free forum/hosting, it'll be epic. Better then IPBFree. = /
  5. chrismartin

    chrismartin Enthusiast

    ZB doesn't really look that great, IMO. When I first heard all of the fuss about the new software, I was pretty excited, and I was hoping to see something different and exciting. Well, I definitely saw something different, but not exciting. I love the look, but don't like the fonts being used, the profile system, the posting interface, etc.

    I don't know. There was, and still is, all of this fuss about ZetaBoards, but I don't really see the big deal.

  6. desibase

    desibase Fan

    It isn't that bad actually. Could do with improvements but you have to start somewhere
  7. chrismartin

    chrismartin Enthusiast

    Good point. :) I was just expecting a little more, especially after all of the hype.

  8. Machiavelli

    Machiavelli Aspirant

    Admin CP is out of this world good. Get a beta test board pronto!
  9. Jura

    Jura Devotee

    I didn't like the ACP as it was. Needed more.

    I do like the AutoMember controls, the moderator control panel showing post/PM reports, and custom pages.

    But overall, I feel...mehh...
  10. Cory

    Cory Enthusiast

    As InvisionFree was (and is), ZetaBoards is (IMO) one of the best BBS's for beginners. Most beginners that are illiterate when it comes to this type of stuff wouldn't want to deal with having full control over their board, as they host it on their own server. Limited accessibility is fine with me, being free and more for beginners especially. Having a board hosted on a server of your own would probably be more beneficial, but for some it's more of a hassle. It may look as if we've lowered the standards of our own ability's and took the easy way out, however, message boards for many are meant to be fun and exciting. Some consider their board more of a "joystick" than a "brain". We may want to put effort and dedication into it, just not to much where it overwhelms us. There's my short, little ramble over BBS's that allow you to host a board on your own server, compared to ZetaBoards, as a board that doesn't have this ability. This subject has been frequently looked over as far as I'm concerned.

    Oh yes - ZetaBoards. I see the flaws and similarity's of ZetaBoards, compared to other BBS's. There's some exciting new features that we have available, and the styles are well, "different". I myself haven't had the chance the overlook the whole ACP, the interface seems different as well, there's some things I like about it and there's some things I don't. Right now, I'm looking for a simple, coherent BBS, which InvisionFree has delivered to me, now ZetaBoards.
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