Your thread ideas that get your users to talk?

Discussion in 'Members & Staff' started by cpvr, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. cpvr

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    Sounds like a great idea. I also notice that "What's your goal?" as another good thread. Because, users can talk about their goals online, or offline, and it seems to go well.
  2. teejay23

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    I tend to have a gaming name such as for PSN/XBL/WII Friends etc - as members of the forums are "hoping" already friends, maybe can get more bonds happening with gaming nights and so forth. Most people have a console name so it will get attention - but wont have a repeat reply such as others.

    Thats why i game a "what did you last play" thread aswell, usually i keep the thread bit more interesting by what i mean is when posting the last game you played but in a image form rather just plain text and boring :D.

    I am rather a graphical person/poster and i usually have images in way or another in threads or posts to make it stand out and look more presentable too. Not all threads get that treatment though of course.
  3. zmaya

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    Here are some ideas for forum games (quite meaningless, but keep the people posting), there are actually lot of replays to those:

    Count to xxx before moderator posts (level yyy)

    Simple, start with something small, like count to 20, level 1 and don't interupt the sequence to often (you know, they must have a challenge, but they also need to win). When they reach the 20 change the title to count to 50, level 2,...

    (It started 18th February and so far it has 3391 replies, sometimes it goes slower, sometimes faster but people just keep returning to it ;) we are now on level 8)

    X or Y?

    A person post something like summer or winter? Next one chooses one option and posts a new question...

    (1551 Replies from 21st January)

    Association game

    Someone writes a word (any kind) another person just posts first thing thyt comes to their mind associated to the previous word,...

    (2176 replies from August last year)

    Guess the photo

    If you allow people to post photos and attachments this is really funny. Someone posts a cut from a photo and others have to guess what is the whole photo about. First one to guess posts another clue.

    In this one I added a rule, if the person whose turn is next doesn't post a new cut within next 24 hours anyone can start a new cycle. This keeps it alive even if the people who guessed the photo aren't active.

    (2606 posts from last August)

    P.S. There are 9066 members on the forum, but about 200 constantly active. Rest just come online from time to time and they don't much discuss, but do they post in these forum games so it keeps the forum live. Also, it is a great place for new members that just don't know where to join or to get some post count. ;)
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  4. emily9

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    Tea or Dinner?
    Have you ever got caught using your phone in class?
    Atheists and Agnostics - Will you marry in a church and why? Will you have your funeral in a church and why?
    what was the most amount of money you ever carried?
    How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
  5. cpvr

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    Those are pretty good. Thanks for sharing
  6. gogoblender

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    Thoughtful post, some great ideas here.

    Thanks zmaya!


  7. T3chn0

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    To elaborate on the picture games, using print screen caps from trailers is a fun way and if your niche is in music/games/movies, it's pretty easy. Just go on YouTube look for XYZ trailer/clip, find a good scene, hit print screen and you're almost there.

    Also, at times you might have to keep some of these threads alive otherwise they can end up buried with other stuff.
  8. Akela

    Akela viam aut inveniam...

    Any controversial topic will do, I think. Not necessarily an anger causing one, but just a topic with no right answer to it.

    I just tried this in my forum and boys is it doing well already. Thanks :D

    And in the previously mentioned topic, I made sure to put gas/benzin/petrol into the title thread, to build on your comment :p
  9. STL7997

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    Thought I'd bring this back up. I'm not sure how well it work cause I just tried it but...

    We started a thread called "The worst parents of the year". Whenever you run into a news article of some idiot parent doing something stupid, post the article. At the end of the year, whichever has the most ratings will be put into a poll for who was the worst of the year. Let the poll run for x amount of days for your members to decide who was truly the worst of the year.
  10. lil_crazy

    lil_crazy Aspirant

    That's brilliant. I so want to use that. :worship:

    That really is great because: One, the thread would never die since stupid parents always make the news. And two, there's always that one member who thinks having your children clean the bathroom with their tongue is a great idea. :hopeless:
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