Yes, I am keeping my eye on you ..

Discussion in 'vBulletin' started by vB Floris, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. vB Floris

    vB Floris

    Hello everybody,

    As of today I have been given the priviledges to various moderating options in the "vBulletin" forum which means that I am keeping my eye on you ..

    As a standard I take it you are a nice person, your intentions are good and you want some advice, help or information. You do not have to earn my respect, and I won't think less of you if you make a mistake or show your frustration.

    The only thing I ask of you is to give back a little bit to the "vBulletin" forum in the form of participation in conversations; Start new conversations and respect the forum rules as set by the staff. Provide arguments in discussions and think twice before posting.

    Bending of the rules is what they are made for, but be open for warning and take the hints if we give them. Please learn from your mistake (if any) and don't break the rules.

    As I am now part of the taz-staff you are free to contact me with a Private Message (or make a new thread) and I will try my best to find time to assist you. (My preference for giving you vBulletin software support is through the support ticket system - that way I can verify you are a licensed customer. And I am already working there, so you get the support in more detail and with more qualify; and probably a bit faster.)

    Nearly daily you can find me browsing the taz forums (and play moderator) and every other day I will go through the new threads and see if any still require a post reply. Once per week I will pay specific moderator-duty attention to the active conversations. The other time I am online I will be working on my own web site, which is the vBulletin Fan web site ( That is, if I am done with my sales/support/etc. work for Jelsoft Ltd. (

    That all said, I think it might be appropiate to introduce myself to everybody in a bit more detail.

    Hello my name is Floris Fiedeldij Dop, I am male, 28 years old (21 January 1977) and I live in the Netherlands. I am married to Martine, and we live together in an apartment (together with our cat). I like horse riding and playing guitar. In the past I've had my own web design company and trained my horses to accept, and have patience with, handicapped or sick children. My interests go to online communities (specificly powered by vBulletin) and reading fun or important information on the internet. You can find me in irc chat rooms having fun with friends and regular community members. I'm busy learning everything I am behind on, which includes PHP and MySQL. My experience with online communities is starting up and managing various-ranged-topics forums. The reason I am online so much is because I can concentrate for a few hours per day on 'work', after which I get headaches and increased nystagme (shakey eyes). I am an albino, and the bright sun light is not my best friend. As you hopefully understand I have quite some time to surf the internet.

    Well, I think that is enough information for now. taz-u-l8r!
  2. vB Floris

    vB Floris

  3. Moparx

    Moparx GNU/Linux Inside

    all hail our new forum overlord! :eking:

    ..congrads floris, you deserve it :tup:
  4. PacMan

    PacMan Tazmanian

    Floris, seeing what you have done on and the articles you have written, you have proven to be an extremly valuable member. Keep up the good work.
  5. MGM

    MGM vBulletin Guru

    Yes, your knowledge with vBulletin in beaten only by the developers and staff of great job on the new position!

    MGM out
  6. Mephisteus

    Mephisteus Enthusiast

    Floris... stay out of my life for once... PLEASE!

    Nah just kiddin, try not to break stuff
  7. darnoldy

    darnoldy Curmudgeon


    nice to see you here (in addition to the 3 other vB-oriented places I see you).

    That being said, do you have any ideas how this place can differentiate itself from, & focus can we have here that establishes a unique reason for people to visit?

  8. vB Floris

    vB Floris

    Well, is the official support web site for custormers and the pre-sales place for future customers. is the official sister site, resource community. is another official sister site, also a resource community (to be merged with vborg if I understand them correctly) or is not an official web site, just like TAZ. But it is the vBulletin fan web site. is a web site for phpbb, ipb, ubb, vbulletin, yabb, etc .. community administrators and staff members who need help , information and a central place to chit chat about forum related things.

    The sites differ themselves from eachother perfectly well I think. And TAZ will bring in more people as it is getting known by more and more admins from various boards.
  9. Neutral Singh

    Neutral Singh SPN Administrator

    Hi Floris, nice to see you around here more frequently. :) and congrats on you being added in the list of major contributors to vBulletin Development & Contributors section in my admin control panel. ;)

    Enjoy !!
  10. NBSdesignz

    NBSdesignz CEO of NBSdesignz

    Well congratts on the postion there Floris, i have much respect for your support into the vB community and look forward to read more from you on subjects, you sure the right man for the job. Best reguards and most of all have fun :)
  11. kilcher

    kilcher Devotee

    Welcome Floris! I think it's great that vBulletin has a "representative" here to help us out.

    Would be nice if the other software makers would do the same. Maybe someone should check into the possibility. I think that would be huge for the TAZ community.
  12. Kall

    Kall Devotee

  13. wizard1974uk

    wizard1974uk Tazmanian Gremlin

    I think he must have been paid just to metion floris. ;)
  14. kilcher

    kilcher Devotee

    I don't know who all here is from Jelsoft. But I do think it would be nice if we could get a "representative" from the other software makers to actively participate in the forums.
  15. Bryan

    Bryan Lost in Ohio...

  16. vB Floris

    vB Floris

    I doubt it.

    Hi, everybody else!
  17. Mike Feury

    Mike Feury Habitué

    Congrats Floris, very well deserved :)
  18. Michael

    Michael Fan

    Hmmm, Floris... Now, where have I heard that name before???

    Hi Floris and congratulations!

  19. mibus

    mibus Aspirant

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