Yahoo Slurp ???

Discussion in 'Finance and Traffic' started by pgsahm, Dec 15, 2006.

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    I was just on my forum and noticed that Yahoo!Slurp was listed as one of the "who's online" guests. For starters I didn't know that it would show up (that's really cool!). And secondly I was surprised to have it on my site!

    Has anyone else had yahoo slurp show up on your site? Did you notice any increase in traffic afterwards? I'm assuming this is a good thing?
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    Yes, it's a bot. For Yahoo, obviously. It's supposed to be there, but it may take some weeks and months before you realize any noticible traffic from it.
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    Yahoo slurp

    I once had 500 'guests' at one time, all busy "slurping" which would be fine I suppose if was running a Soup Kitchen or a brothel, but otherwise an unacceptable drain on my resources and bandwidth.

    I rarely see more than one or two googlebots on my site, but a little entry in robots.txt is obeyed.

    I make my magic number 30 instead of the suggested 10 (hah!)
    and as a result get just 4 or so at a time which I can tolerate..

    still, you may let the number be high if you wish your site to seem 'busier' than it actually is, since your who's online shows all manner of guests reading every post on your forum!
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    I've had as many as 160+ on at one time, back when we first opened for business...then we got a better bot list. ;)
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