XF2 Blog Solution (import from Better Blogs)?

Discussion in 'XenForo' started by Lpspider, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. Lpspider

    Lpspider Enthusiast

    I'm presently unable to upgrade to XF2 until I find a solution that provides members with a basic blog and can import my old Better Blogs data.

    I know a lot of other Xenforo admins are in the same situation. What have you done, what are you doing, and what are your plans?

    As far as I can tell there is no competition in this space. I would think there would be sufficient demand. My research has indicated the only upcoming potential solution is XenBlog by ThemeHouse for XF2 which is supposed to be in development (and they've said they'll include the importer) but there's no timeline.

    What is everyone else doing? I know I'm not the only one in this situation.
  2. Kentaurus

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    There is a bit of money on that space. Might be good for a hobbyist to produce the solution.

    On it's prime there were about 90 subscribers to Better Blogs, which translates roughly to 90 * 50 = $4500 before taxes, and honestly it only required about 160h of development time not counting the support both private and within the community. Not bad business. It doesn't even need to redesign the whole thing, the version 1 of Better Blogs is open source, just needs to migrate to DataWriters/Models/Templates from XF2.

    It's definitely a very fun project to do, I'm myself waiting for someone to port something over :)
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  3. Cyb3r

    Cyb3r Neophyte

    I've been talking to Bob the creator of AMS and Showcase add-ons and he told me that he already in process of making user blogs add-on - contact him on XenForo community and ask him to fill you in with the progress of the development. Good luck.
  4. Mike Creuzer

    Mike Creuzer Developer

    ThemeHouse released XPress which uses WordPress. It was in such high demand that we decided to make a product out of it. And those that had BetterBlogs get a 50% discount https://www.themehouse.com/xenforo/2/addons/xpress
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