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Discussion in 'Invision Community' started by ibaker, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. ibaker

    ibaker Enthusiast

    I know of a developer who is creating a 90% match XF theme for IPS and should be finished in a couple of weeks. If this turns out quite good it would be the perfect tool to assist site owners if they choose to migrate their XF sites over to the more comprehensive IPS platform.

    I am assisting in its development so once completed I will post some screen shots.

    Other plugins he has developed for me are:
    1. A side menu system allowing for more room to have access to menu items with both the main menu and the sub menu being sticky (menu is user preference set left or right):

    2. A better Gallery landing page with all the latest images and a category menu:

    3. A migration of the XF v2 Xon's Reactions to IPS Reactions
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  2. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Opinionated asshat

    Why exactly would someone want a style that duplicates an XF site?
    It shouldn't be THAT hard for end users to adapt if they are prepared by the admin for the switch.
    Just dumping it on them and then trying to fool them with a simple style that looks like XF isn't going to work that well since there are many features that are not compatible in each.
  3. ibaker

    ibaker Enthusiast

    To each their own I guess and as the developer told me it has been asked many times before but until now he hasn't had the time so I guess your thoughts are not those of the many...besides if it is an available option then it is up to the site owner to decide if it is worthwhile or not but at least they will have the option compared to not having the option at all.

    My personal opinion is there are some great things about XF, better than the IPS versions of the same and then there are some great things about IPS that are better than the XF alternatives. I will use the components that suit me and my user's likes
  4. ibaker

    ibaker Enthusiast

    Many will know of the issues I have had from my users trying to migrate from XF to IPS and when going from XF v1.5 to v2 I have had these comments from users:
    • I'm liking the look of this, Ian.
    • Ian, I like the layout especially as I view the site on my Samsung Mobile 95% or more of the time. Cheers Mike
    • Thumbs UP...Thank You
    • Luv ya work Ian
    When I went to IPS it was too much of a change for them so I had to go back to XF which is why this time I am going all out...they love the look of XF v2 which prior to the change to XF v2 I started to apply some of the XFv2 changes to XF v1 to make it easier for them. I can't change XF v2 look to IPS so this is why the XF v2 skin for IPS is the best option and given the positive comments from the users I am very confident that this time going to IPS will be a lot easier.

    Here are some screen shots of progress to date (note, the developer is going to make this skin available in the IPS marketplace to help others move from XF to IPS).
    1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png 5.png 6.png
  5. R0binHood

    R0binHood Fan

    Looks good, shots of the thread view?
  6. ibaker

    ibaker Enthusiast

    You mean like this...these came through this morning...only a few days away now from testing:
    1.png 2.png
  7. stijl

    stijl Aspirant

    Nice, it will be popular.
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