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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Sheldon, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. Adam

    Adam Habitué

    Not always. How's the old saying go...

    "Say a lie enough times and it will be believed"

    Sometimes not responding is just as bad. And when things are left unchecked for an extended period of time and repeated over and over... You either have to defend yourself or someone of authority needs to intervene. I was wrongfully denied both.
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  2. TrixieTang

    TrixieTang Politically Incorrect

    Adam Can we keep this drama out of this thread, please?
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  3. Adam

    Adam Habitué

    Fair enough. :)
  4. R44

    R44 Asperger's Network? Absolutely.

    What about those of us that wrote our own? :p
  5. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Opinionated asshat

    That's where we have to disagree. People will believe what they want. No amount of commenting, bitching, arguing, ****-slinging, screaming and yelling is going to change that fact. It shouldn't make two ****s to someone what is said. What is important is that YOU know what is correct. To many people worry about that and aren't willing to just say farkle it and be above it. Folks who know me know if someone is talking out their ass or not. Those that don't - well, they can either watch by my actions or screw off. Doesn't matter to me either way as my point of being on this earth isn't to impress them.
  6. JordanH

    JordanH Imperial Majesty

    So many banners o_O

    There would be no need in having phpbb banner, smf banner etc because those are free softwares. This banner indicates that we are using a valid Xf License. I can see your point with VB and IPB though.
  7. Sheldon

    Sheldon Fan

  8. JordanH

    JordanH Imperial Majesty

    A good alternative is to display a "XF License Holder" bit inside messages inside the xenforo sections which can be easily done.

    Not saying it has to be like that. As it could have been done a lot better but you get my drift This forum can do the same with a XenForo type thing and only display it in the XenForo Sections on users who havea valid xenforo license. Which can be easily achieved.
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  9. John Yoerger

    John Yoerger Coder/Designer

    Cool! Another user banner for my collection! :)
  10. Azareal

    Azareal The AtomBB Overlord

    A "custom" banner? I like the idea of picking one group, having that banner show up and sticking to it.
    I don't really think there are that many people around who have a custom software.
    And then, there are the people who have a custom software for one specific site where the code-base is closed off like you and software that have very tiny marketshares (ElkArte, Wedge, AtomBB, Misago, etc.).

    For free, people should probably pick one banner instead of a dozen. For paid, it might be useful to have multiple to ward off nulled scripts.
    Off the top of my head, the paid ones are:
    • vBulletin
    • Vanilla
    • IPB
    • XenForo
    • Woltlab Burning Board
    And the free list is much longer and I'll probably miss some but..
    • phpBB
    • MyBB
    • SMF
    • Vanilla (the free version)
    • Discourse
    • NodeBB
    • AtomBB (again)
    • EsoTalk
    • Flarum
    • Wedge
    • ElkArte
    • Misago
    • And many more..
    And then, there are the free hosted custom platforms..
    • Proboards
    • Forumotion
    • Facebook Groups
    • Google Groups
    • And many more..
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  11. dieKetzer

    dieKetzer Adherent

    sorry, but i think the postbit is starting to look a bit goofy. ive never liked post counts, karma/rep, and user ribbons cluttering up the page. i think id stuff it all on the membercard overlay and in a profile tab.
    i wont likely bother validating either, and im not really the type that likes to police others, so i wont bother taking note of who has been vetted or not.
  12. Azareal

    Azareal The AtomBB Overlord

    Some of the banners are fairly useful. It was very hard for me to tell who was an admin and who was a mod before.

    The Developer badge for the most part shows representatives from forum software projects and you can quickly get an idea of who is from where, although there are some here and there who aren't.
    Active Member tells me whether a specific person can view the chat / hidden areas or not, so I can tell whether to tag them from there or to call them out from the chat. Same with premium, etc.
  13. PoetJC

    PoetJC ⚧ Jacquii: Black Kween of TSSN ⚧

    Good golly Ms Molly ==> User rank overload.:LOL:

    I tend to agree.
    The first thought on my mind was, "Well... Can I validate my vB & XF licenses as well?... That 13'' long postbit is calling me name.." :whistle:



    Now I'm curious. What's the plan and when will we see it implemented?
    Here's what I'd suggest anyway - Something like this:


    On mouseover you could have a Tooltip show what each rank represents.
    Easy peasy...

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  14. rafalp

    rafalp Desu Ex

    Option to put project name and/or its icon here would be awesome.
  15. R44

    R44 Asperger's Network? Absolutely.

    Can only agree. The developer rank is sort of a global rank that encompasses plugin devs and us...
  16. Joel R

    Joel R Fan

    I feel so awkward seeing all of my posts in the IPB section as an XF Licensee!

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  17. Azareal

    Azareal The AtomBB Overlord

    I remember reading a post from Morganna that said it covered major plugins rather than every plugin on the face of the Earth.
    It's hard to imagine them coming up with dozens of new banners though or to come up with a custom plugin or to mess around with the templates.
  18. lordi

    lordi Adherent

    yeah I would love to see SMF or IPB Banner :whistle::D
  19. Tecca

    Tecca Fan

    I was under the impression that it was for downloading resources, and peace of mind for those that upload them that their stuff is being downloaded by confirmed license holders.
  20. VonDoom

    VonDoom XenForo FTW

    Wow people take their little stickers seriously around here..
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