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    Good Afternoon all,
    I am looking to buy a 100% completely custom skin for vBulletin Publishing Suite 4.0.2.

    Recently I have been searching for advertisers and some have provided some really good feedback stating that if our site were to look a little more professional they would jump at it in no time at all.

    What I am looking for is for someone who is able to more or less start immediately on it and have it done as soon as possible - I am not saying I want it done tonight but obviously with anything new I would love to get my hands on it sooner rather than later.

    Some of the places (who have websites) that I have contacted have said they are busy at the time being for the next month or so and then it would take at least six weeks to design.

    Now I know that the new stylevars system can be a pain in the bum (Yes I censored myself here) however unless something drastic changes I do not plan on upgrading any further from vb4.0.2 it does the job for me and my members are enjoying it and the news service etc.

    If I did decide to upgrade down the track eg: vb 4.1 or something I would pay if needed to have the skin upgraded to the new version if needed.

    And while I understand that many .css and templates will need to be changed however I am happy to remove any and all mods we have in order to make your job easier - we mainly have two that my members love (and would hate me forever if we lost them) which is a credits system and our virtual bookie.

    Okay so there is one catch to it all...
    I need the front page (CMS) to take a move away from the default vBulletin look that is appearing on each and every vBulletin Publishing Suite site that are popping up all over the place - we would like it to move and look more like a professional news service.

    My website is a sports orientated website, and while the forums and blogs are fine to have a nice forum skin etc that suits our needs our popular point which gets almost 100 000 hits a month is our front page which is news and we need to move that away from the default look/feel to something that is clean yet professional news service look of it.

    If someone is interested in doing this, however doesn't have vBulletin Publishing Suite 4.0.2 I am happy to give you complete access to my test installation and paying you upfront for it.

    Please feel free to reply to this thread, show some examples of what you can do if you can and then private message me with how much it will cost to have it done.

    This is just a list of things that we need to ensure are changed to make our site completely customized:-
    + Front Page/CMS - to look like a professional news service.
    + Forums/Blogs - clean/professional style that suits our niche (sport)
    + Postbit customized
    + Notices Customized
    + Customized Footer (with links etc to our network matters)
    + Customized Buttons
    + Customized Status Icons

    Let me know if you or someone you know can do it.