would this ever be possible on IPB???

Discussion in 'IPB' started by pinkiepie, Feb 14, 2012.

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    from the project manager for my company:

    would IPB ever have this? or should I pick up more of a CRM type application? Our forum has IPB on it and me and him are moderators there and we want to create a better version of the site we currently operate with better features (I will NOT disclose the URL in this forum ever so please do not ask)

    Thanks very much for the help everyone!
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    I think something like what you're looking for is possible.

    "small questionnaire with intrests" - This can be done using custom profile fields.

    "Is multi language engine possible in IPB?" - Yeah you can download other languages.

    "And I also would like to see an ability to create of groups, blogs (microblogs), galeries and personal micropages (profiles) with walls at the web-site." - This is all builr in already, just make sure you've bought IP.Blog, IP.Gallery, etc.

    "And I would like to see an ability to add a news at the main page of the web-site?" - Like what exactly? On a front page kind of like a portal, or on top of the board index? Both is possible and easy.
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