Will Facebook Kill Forums?

By Rudy, Oct 21, 2010 | |
  1. cpvr

    cpvr Tazmanian Master

    Especially the forums that have a dedicated owner, and staff members. The only forums that will die because of facebook are those that aren't really supposed to be forums - just ideas, ya know?
  2. jacks_friend

    jacks_friend Neophyte

    You buy forums? How many are on offer?

    Facebook will get a backlash I'm sure. There's only so much you want to let people know about yourself before intrusions into your space begin. Unless you're a complete idiot. :hiding:

    Why? I've got my own ideas. I think because forums are so specific and not necessarily social oriented althought they can and do serve that purpose.
  3. sairanjank

    sairanjank Aspirant

    Facebook is very good. But won't become alternative to Forums.
  4. jaydeee

    jaydeee Aspirant

    ^I agree with you. FB will not kill forums since most forums are specific to a single niche. In FB you can posts anything and everything but can't expect that your queries will be answered quickly. People in specific forums on the other hand are somehow expert to a targeted niche hence; you could expect a lot of good suggestions.
  5. Phil_Tanny

    Phil_Tanny Florida Nature Nut

    It seems like Facebook and forums serve different audiences.

    Honestly, I don't really get the appeal of Facebook at all, because like Bob says, it seems pretty useless for prolonged discussions, which is the kind of social interaction that appeals to me.

    Facebook is good for what seems to be a more popular form of social activity, cocktail party chatter. Quick, light, breezy etc.

    I'm puzzled as to why Facebook can't figure out how to serve both audiences.
  6. super_mecha

    super_mecha Aspirant

    when you post on forums people dont know who you are unlless you tell them who you are. It becomes easyer to communicate once people dont know who you are
  7. Namorat

    Namorat Duder

    I used to be very active on a forum about a video game. Now I am part of a fb group about this game and I am happy with it.
    What does it tell me right here? The forum was on its way down, to put it brutal. It became less active from month to month. Now I am content with being part of that new group.
    Does it include as many detailed, in-depth discussions as I had on the forum? No, but it has more banter, more easy talking.

    Do I believe facebook kills forums? I think it accelerates the downfall of forum that already weaken, I believe it is a concurrent to forums that consist mostly of banter, but I don't think it will kill off forums in general or in a high scale.

    To me it will only help to weed out the weaker forums.
  8. neamal1

    neamal1 Neophyte

    Practically I do like using a forum instead of Facebook. A forum basically already has all my needs to communicate and socialize. Plus, being a mod, its kinda my job anyway. Its not a big deal on how small or big the community is. The important thing is that each user can use it to socialize.
  9. markkdepp

    markkdepp Neophyte

    I think Forum is better than facebook. There is a reason for this comment. Facebook chat has no quality comparing to forum comment. Facebook chat may be vulgar in words. There is less chance of vulgar words in forum.
  10. sakuchan

    sakuchan Adherent

    Forums are pretty much a thing of the past to some people. I still think forums > Facebook any day. At least forums are moderated by people a LOT more closer than on Facebook. You can cuss, yell, scream, threaten(very petty, or small threats), and carry on, on Facebook and not be punished for it at all. If you use a forum you are assured that whatever a user/mod/admin says about you, that it will be moderated and used against the offender.

    Forums were my life when growing up and learning about the Internet for the first time. The very first forum I happened to visit was of a gaming magazine company, which had various discussions on it for video games.
  11. WebGuy

    WebGuy Neophyte

    I think forums are still pretty current. As long as there is internet there will be forums! :)
  12. TwoPalmTrees

    TwoPalmTrees Aspirant

    I hope facebook doesn't consign forums to the scrap heap. :(
  13. Alfa1

    Alfa1 Moderator

    Too late

    Verstuurd van mijn GT-I9100 met Tapatalk
  14. gackt

    gackt Aspirant

    the caracters between forum and facebook are quite different.
    When facebook dies in the future, every contents will be blown away however so many forums will exist anyway in many different forms

    If someone wants a exact info, he would search it in forum sites, not in facebook.
    the talking in facebook is like chatting
  15. wizard1974uk

    wizard1974uk Tazmanian Gremlin

    I don't think facebook will replace forums. For a start the permisions on Facebook are so poor. It's far easier to control a forum than groups.
  16. DaveMullins

    DaveMullins Aspirant

    Good article, and thought provoking! I forsee a place for forums, for a long time to come. Just my thought on the subject.
  17. Danai

    Danai Aspirant

    Facebook will never replace forums. Because they are different.
    Forums are ideally meant for talking to people you dont know in real life.
    Facebook is the opposite unless yer a paedophile ;)
  18. MarkDD

    MarkDD Aspirant

    Will Facebook Kill Forums?

    I think this is the stranges idea i have heard by now. Reason i think is because many people are using FB, and it's easy and faster then a forum, right !?
    Well, you will never be able to find better information then a forum. I am member on many forums, and i still see activity, even if its summer, and people are on vacation..

    It's really absurd..
  19. miky03

    miky03 Neophyte

    It carries a lot of discussion around Facebook's but these things were known to me.
  20. Ninjarette

    Ninjarette Aspirant

    FB has a different purpose. I use FB to connect with people, not exchange ideas or gather information. FB is fine for quick, up-to-date chatter with "friends" and/or business associates. But in no way does it replace the forum experience.