Why is Social Media Important?

Discussion in 'Social Networking' started by martindam, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. martin smith

    martin smith Aspirant

    It depends on our business, Mostly social media marketing is important because to improve our business leads and to create brand awareness among people...
  2. Samaira Singh

    Samaira Singh Neophyte

    Social media has helped many small business owners expand on a major scale. It has helped people connect better and share knowledge together. It has overall changed the way we have been living our lives.
  3. MyLead

    MyLead Aspirant

    social media definitely help you gain more traffic on your website and I think it just connects people, you meet a lot of amazing people on Internet that you might even start working with
  4. southernlady

    southernlady Coder/Designer

    For many very small businesses, FB is able to give them a web presence for free.

    But I’ve discovered I’m a bit prejudiced in that regard. I do a LOT of searching for campgrounds to stay in over the last 18 months and going forward at least another 12 months. I tend to avoid those with no web presence at all. The ones only on FB are only marginally better. I much prefer those with a web site with the basic details such as nightly/weekly/monthly rate depending on what I’m looking for.

    The better ones combine a web site with a SM page, esp FB.

    As far as more and more using SM, I think many are starting to rethink that. SM can be toxic to your mental well being. Two of my friends left FB recently (as in the last month) but maintain their web presence on my forum.
  5. Rachel Ross

    Rachel Ross Neophyte

    Social networks are one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Social media marketing helps to validate your brand. A company's social media presence, when done correctly, tells consumers that their brand is active and focused on thriving communication with consumers. Investing in a social media marketing service may have been identified as the missing link connecting you with your consumers.
  6. HenryZ

    HenryZ Aspirant

    Social media is the free source for you to advertise your business. It may not help you get better ranking in SERP but a good social media campaign may help you get some good customers for your business.
  7. xzvbnm

    xzvbnm Neophyte

    Previously, social networks were only for communication. Now they are more for business.
  8. tongquyen

    tongquyen Neophyte

    Social is still Google's ranking signal. You can use to promote brand and find effective traffic. I still use them often
  9. overcast

    overcast Participant

    I have noticed that lot of traffic from google search is unreliable and often does not convert. Social media on the other hand is lot better with the traffic and also there are many ways you can use it to bring traffic which suits your niche. So I think it should not be ignored.
  10. shayari only

    shayari only Neophyte

    Social media is simply another show of proof for people searching you out as well that you know what you’re talking about! Even I’ve caught myself looking up others whom I was interested in either training, or working with, on Facebook to see that their profile is setup nicely like mine of
    Social media is a massive lead generation, branding, etc for any business or company.
    Without it, a lot of companies are missing out on the bigger picture and what’s still to come!
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