Why is Google so .. slow?

Discussion in 'Forum SEO' started by marse, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. marse

    marse :-)

    I've been wondering about this for some time, and I assume others must have experienced this. When I launch a website I first put links to it on other websites, forums and so on. Not really to get traffic, mainly to make sure that search engines know about the site and start indexing it. Also it seems a generally accepted fact that the more links to a site there are the higher up in the results they come.

    Now google is up there with msn/yahoo when it comes to speed of indexing the site. But it's aknowledging the links that it doesn't seem to do. When I search MSN for link:mynewsite.com or Yahoo for linkdomain:mynewsite.com I get tens of results but when I search google for link:mynewsite.com I get nothing! It can take months for even one or two links to be accepted by Google.

    Does anyone have any explanations for this? I still think that Google produce the most quality results but they seem to be so slow about links.

    So, is there a reason for this or am I doing something wrong? :)
  2. DChapman

    DChapman Devotee

    Google updates their backlinks display only on occasion. And even then, they only display a sample, not the entire amount.
  3. [Zoints]WildChild

    [Zoints]WildChild Aspirant

    Google doesnt completely update at once, but rather it updated sporadically.
  4. nottinghamjazz

    nottinghamjazz Neophyte

    I agree. I'm having the same issues with my site www.nottinghamjazz.co.uk

    A lot of people say, oh you need to wait a year for links to build up etc before google knows your site is important.

    I think that's rubbish. It surely stifles new, fresh content getting out there when people need it. Waiting a whole year means the internet's gonna be full of out of date stuff. Yahoo keeps in index up to date, why is google so slow?
  5. Star08

    Star08 If only you knew

    Im guessing your from nottingham :D same here nice someone else from nottingham on these boards :)
  6. motokochan

    motokochan Habitué

    Google seems to base its crawl rate on several factors including how often you update your site, how many backlinks the pages have, etc.

    Basically, a larger site with more links that refreshes content often will get a much faster crawl rate with more pages indexed. A smaller site that has fewer links and slower update rate will take longer to get indexed and have fewer pages in the main index overall.
  7. 3lite

    3lite Aspirant


    One month is normal to get your links updated etc...

    -Sitemap helps [ping it]
    -Google webmaster tools also have a crawl speed option

    I hope this helps!
  8. bizcorp

    bizcorp Neophyte

    Its interesting with google as they find your links fast as they are constantly indexing the web, but they don't show they have found it until months later. So even if it the backlinks don't show up, don't fret as google may have already taken them into consideration.
  9. cbp

    cbp Habitué

    Google qare probably thequickest at picking up new links and incorporating into the ranking algorithm. Just becasue a link is not displayed in the samll random sample of backlinks they show for the link: command has nothing to do with if they know about or use a link.
    Where did you get that from? Google update continuous and NOT sporadically.
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