Why do so many 'developers' use phpBB given how awful it is?

Discussion in 'phpBB' started by cheat_master30, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. cheat_master30

    cheat_master30 Moderator

    Seriously, I never understood this.

    Go to almost any support forum for an 'open source' script, and it's pretty much guaranteed to be using phpBB. Same with any other free or 'homebrew' or 'hacker' made software.

    But why? It's an absolutely terrible piece of software that's already been beaten by about two million equally free and open source alternatives, so why not use one of those?

    Is there something hobbyist developers actually like about this godawful thing?
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  2. Jack_Rouse

    Jack_Rouse Use The Force

    For the answer to this simply Google "free forum software" and see what's top of the pile.

    Then compare the two descriptions, which would you go for ?
  3. Xambo

    Xambo Enthusiast

    Its called Marketing. It's crazy.
  4. doubt

    doubt Tazmanian

    I can see Vanilla and phpBB.

    I would go for phpBB.
    Simple, user friendly.

    I like iPhone, although cannot use its features fully.
    Some of my friends would not touch it, rather they go for a flip top Nokia.
    When it rings they just open it and answer the call.
  5. Greg

    Greg TAZ Rookie

    It used to be better relative to other choices than it is now. Some people have been using it for a long time. It's often one of the quick install choices on servers. It's well known. For many people, it's good enough.
  6. PoetJC

    PoetJC ⚧ Jacquii: Black Kween of TSSN ⚧

    I actually installed a phpBB on my server and have really enjoyed working with it. So I don't think it's awful at all. Would I build my own forum with it? Nope. I much prefer premium solutions.

  7. LeadCrow

    LeadCrow Apocalypse Admin

    It's free, got lots of mods, themes and is resolutely opensource (not 'reluctantly').
  8. cheat_master30

    cheat_master30 Moderator

    But many of the other scripts are also free, have lots of mods and themes and are most definitely open source (and they don't hate being so). What makes phpBB so different that people would willingly choose it?
  9. SportsBomb

    SportsBomb Adherent

    The world's largest forum operates on phpbb. If it's good enough for GAIA, it's good enough for anyone who doesn't know the difference. I built a site which now has over 100,000 active members and over 10,000,000 posts with phpbb. It's really not awful, although there are better solutions.
  10. LotusJeff

    LotusJeff Enthusiast

    Can you define why is phpBB an "absolutely terrible piece of software"? Why is phpBB not your preference?

  11. Darth_Apple

    Darth_Apple Adherent

    PhpBB certainly would not be a good option for a mainstream gaming forum, or anything else with broad needs, but phpBB is a simple piece of software, and that seems to be exactly what many open source "developers" need. Honestly, although I won't admit to really being a PhpBB fan myself, I'm not sure I would use anything different if I were creating a forum for software development. PhpBB seems to be very well suited for that purpose.
  12. meetdilip

    meetdilip Tazmanian Master

    From what I understand, phpBB had a very good time some time back. It seems lack of releasing new versions is the reason for its downfall. I can also see a few of phpBB supporters on this forum. May be they can answer better why they like it.
  13. Jack_Rouse

    Jack_Rouse Use The Force

    It's one of the easiest platforms to get themes and skins for,and from what I've been told it's easy to do new skins for as well.

    Whilst the MODs are cumbersome, they are well supported, and any which aren't kept up to date are sent to the graveyard and you use them at your peril.
    It's got good support too,and a good ticket system, so if you do fill in a ticket you know it will get answered within a short space of time.

    It appeals to people who want to start a forum with very little expense as well
  14. oncedisturbed

    oncedisturbed Neophyte

    A previous post mentioned that phpBB is not a good platform for maintsream gaming??

    Kind of lost here as there are so many gaming clans out there that use some form of phpBB forum platform. Predominantly those running any form of nuke platform. Whether it be nuke, platinum, evolution or xtreme. 1 of the biggest gaming based forums is "clan-themes" adn "soldier of fortune".

    I currently run the evolution-xtreme 2.0.9d platform which has phpBB2 built in it's platform and it runs well and suits our needs. Downside is it doesn't have the MOD pack that phpbb3 has. If the platform had phpBB3, it would be a far better platform as phpBB3 still has updates etc coming out for it where as phpBB2 is pretty much left alone now.
  15. salem

    salem Adherent

    A lot of phpBB2 users weren't that pleased when phpBB3 came out and even though it (phpBB2) is officially EOL , there are quite a few unofficial support sites with mods and themes , plus some fixes , here's one for starters . http://www.phpbb2refugees.com/index.php
  16. adaaaam

    adaaaam Coder/Designer

    What are some of the two million open source alternatives that beat out phpBB? Thanks
  17. Casmic

    Casmic Software Developer

    phpBB is an older solution than many others. Its design is not so recent, but it makes up for that in stability. Large enterprises prefer stability. That's why vBulletin owns the paid market, why phpBB is the top free software, why so many companies still use Windows XP, and why the computer I use at my day job is a relatively old, big dell laptop. Think of phpBB as a long term support release, and MyBB as the nightly build.

    Adaaaam, I try to keep an impartial view on forum systems, as I, being in the business, have a conflict of interest, but they are mainly referring to MyBB and SMF.
  18. Tatl

    Tatl Developer

    Man, I remember when phpBB 2.0 came out, everyone was ****ting themselves because the default theme was so impressive. :(

    Times sure change.
  19. adaaaam

    adaaaam Coder/Designer

    Thanks, just checked it out. What makes myBB superior to phpBB for some, aside from aesthetic reasons?
  20. cheat_master30

    cheat_master30 Moderator

    More/more advanced features. Actual stuff done to help with site SEO. Development being somewhat ongoing in the last few years.
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