Why do so many admins fall short? Myself included!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Soulwatcher, Apr 27, 2012.

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    In 2006 I went balls to the wall on a forum. (Kind of what I am doing now with my blog lol)

    I spent $1,000 on a server I cant remember the P4 processor 2GB of ram hardware raid 1, I bought the best of everything. I also spent $500+ on VB and a skin and I colocated the server.

    The forum started to get busy and I had no idea what I was doing and the forum started to get away from me so I sold it and the guy merged it with another forum.

    Then I tried again in 2010 and failed, I tried again in 2011 and sold the forum and the guy killed it.

    Bottom line every time I started a forum I had stars in my eyes but I was in way over my head. Why do you think so many admins fall short?

    Edit: I should add that I am done with forums, 3 strikes is enough for me.


    P.S. I am not making the blog for fame or glory. I am making it to get a new lease on life. And if some one happens to enjoy it so be it, if not no loss.
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    I think in some cases it depends on what you perceive as failure. As you stated you had a forum, which you sold and the new owner merged it. How is that a failure?
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    I just think it's expectations. If we're into getting a site online to make money or meet a metric, the odds are about the same for starting a small business... not that good :(

    However...if we're in this business to have a ton of fun, get in shape, and just ...create! Then we're instantly successful.

    If your new blog endeavour has you meet up with new friends, share photos with other friends, and get your health in top top shape, I'd say you're going to be instantly successful and who care about metrics right?


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