Why did you start your site? Did you plan it in advance?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by gogoblender, May 13, 2007.

  1. Lunar Raven

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    I created my forum because I wanted to make a community about arts & entertainment..two things I am passionate about. Along with that, half of the forums I've been to were extremely dis-respectful, and completely un-friendly towards newbies. I wanted to make a community where people could come in..talk about interests, and not have to worry about being flames or insulted. While we're only a month old...we have around 50 members..many of who are active. Everyone is also very respectful and helpful, and there's a real sense of community already. It's nice..and I hope to expand make it an even greater community.

    As far as planning..this is the first forum where I actually planned, got some friends to help..and put in content before opening. So far so good.
  2. minstrel

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    It seems like a common theme is having had experience with similar or related forums where something was lacking, forum owners are inspired to create something new and better.
  3. dojo

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    All my 14 forums were started in a heart beat. I thought .. "well, let's see what we can do about this topic" and started it. Now I try to stop this since they're too many :D
  4. Xief

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    Um. Our forum was first started years ago as a merge between 6 similar fansites, all of which were fairly popular. :) They scrapped all their forums and started a new one.

    I personally took admin position at the site some months ago for... the community. =\ I love them. <3 Yes, that means I didn't actually *want* to (Well, not really); I just felt I had to, in a way, with all the previous problems the site's had. :p
  5. ltaylor

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    I started my forum because "I" needed it!. It was time for me to find a way to put my own life in order, and work on obtaining the dozens of goals that I wanted to set for myself. I wanted to do it in a community type atmosphere and have people cheer me on. When I quit smoking, this probably made the difference in obtaining that goal. I love that pumped up feeling of others have expectations of you because you said you would LOL . That inspires me, motivates me and makes me feel I have no choice but to reach my goals.

    After a lot of browsing I found nothing that I envisioned in the way of a community. So I created it myself. Having graphic, art, computer and web hosting experience, it was right up my alley of passions to create it exactly the way I wanted it be and envisioned it to be.

    So, I really did it for me knowing that there MUST be a million others who would love the same community or service.

    Yes, I did do research. But not too much because I had it all planned in my head long before I started to develop my forum. I knew what i wanted and just went for the gutso.
  6. JasonSGN

    JasonSGN Aspirant

    I've always been interested in online communities and even ran a 2-node Wildcat BBS in the early 90's. The internet has made things much easier since then.
  7. webigail

    webigail Participant

    What made you start your forum?

    I'm just curious, what made you all start your forums?

    Was it a topic that you're passionate about, money, or something entirely different?

    For me, I started out loving to fiddle with code, tweak, and then I found a subject that I happen to love and never bore of it...dogs. So, just curious, what made you start yours?
  8. gogoblender

    gogoblender shiny happy pantless

  9. webigail

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    Feeling like I took the little yellow bus to school :lol:

    Thanks gogo!
  10. webigail

    webigail Participant

    I started my first site, which started as a means for me to fiddle with code. Then I just kept "playing" with forums, but realized after reading here, that my forums failed to have success, due to not having a main topic.

    Finally, I figured out that I need to pick a subject, one that I find interesting and stick with that topic. However, my latest venture was the result of being a member of a similar site. I found that some of the members were critical of new people, with genuine interest in the topic and decided to try to venture out on my own.
  11. Mastermind779

    Mastermind779 Participant

    Well, a while back I joined a pranking forum and learned some minor chemistry stuff from them which caused me to have a newfound interest in Science. Eventually, I didn't like how little most of them knew because I was having to go elsewhere to get anyone to explain what they were talking about. So one morning at 6am, I was bored, I stumbled across a free host, and my first forum was born.
  12. djjeffa

    djjeffa Adherent

    I made mine cause there was nothing else to do that night lol
    I use to mod cell phones and pepole always asked how to do it.
    I had a lil site on free hosting with my isp but when i started going over my bw I got donations and got a legit hosting plan that was 3 years ago now look at us www.djjeffa.com
  13. Calash

    Calash Habitué

    Mine was not even a forum at first, just a place to post my personal stories. That explains the name :). After a while I got a few emails asking to post some other works, which I did by hand on static HTML pages.

    After a while of doing that I shifted to using storytime, and at that point I added a message board (ikonboard). Lost everything during a migration and started fresh using IPB 1.3 and eFiction. At this point I opened it up to everybody, but kept my stories as the primary focus.

    A few years later and I shifted the purpose of the site, focusing on Fantasy and Science Fiction while maintaining a place for my own works. Since then it has grown into what I have today :)
  14. SoulRiser

    SoulRiser Participant

    Mine was all sort of by accident. I started ranting about school on a regular basis, so I made a site for it... and people sent me feedback... and it kept on growing. A few years later I added forums... just because I figured it'd be a cool thing to have. I had no idea people planned these things. It all sort of just happened :)
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