Why did you start your site? Did you plan it in advance?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by gogoblender, May 13, 2007.

  1. gogoblender

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    I'm so curious about this now. I have been going through a few posts here where some people have actually gotten down to doing research on their site BEFORE starting it up.
    In our case, the creation of the forum was a reactionary accident. Me and my friends had gotten kicked out of an earlier clan and so we had to start one really fast. We lucked out by finding a graphics guru and a technical mod along the way and ended up with a small but solid community a little more than a year later and we've now actually branched out into different games.
    And strangely enuff some of our strangest forums, like The Dark Kitchen just got hot, lol!
    hahha, Go figger
    I'm curious as to how the rest of you guys got your start. What prompted you to want to get a site put up on the net and did you actually plan in advance? Or was it all learned along the way?

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  2. ArmyMissionary

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    Well I have created multiple forums, so I knew what I was doing somewhat. I love cell phones, as do most of my freinds on the net, and off. I have loved having cell phones, and i think it's just so awesome to create something have members just post on your forum/site. I think the nets a wonderful thing and I'm glad I found it. So I created my forum because I like cell phones, and it's just been something I've wanted to do, and now I'm sticking with this forum, because I would love to succeed with it.
  3. Mellow.zip

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    i started my forum on a free forum host after i was banned from a large one for stupid reasons.
    with around ten active members (friends)

    i then bought a domain and a friend gave me hosting.
    i started learning the ways of managing and making a successful community, and expanded my knowledge along the way.
    with hopes of rising from the bottem of search engines i learned about seo.

    we keep growing and still trying to make it "bigtime" now.

    we all start somewhere. :p
  4. Click

    Click Enthusiast

    I created my forum because I like pets and animals and figured that other people that liked pets and animals could come together and talk about them.
  5. Denizz

    Denizz Participant

    It started as a html test, then I found a great free host per accident, then the site grew and had a forum attached, and now it is what it is now and still growing.
  6. Nicole510

    Nicole510 Participant

    In response to the ridiculousness that was the other forum. :) We saw that many members were as fed up as were and branched out.

    Even though we knew what we wanted to do, we spent about a month or two on forum and advertising research rather than jumping right in. It was a great benefit.
  7. annakey

    annakey Charter? What Charter?

    Gap in the market.
  8. Untouchab1e

    Untouchab1e Aspirant

    I needed a website for releasing my developed software.. the forum came as a natural add-on.. Perhaps too early though, but nevertheless.. it felt logical to have a forum with a software-website!
  9. Jura

    Jura Devotee

    I didn't plan my forum at all. I just made it and did one thing after another. It use to be a general forum.
  10. veganbella

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    Well, I had been a member at a message board for awhile that you had to pay for a subscription, and I fell in love with the sense of community there. To this day, it's the best community i've been a part of (aside from my own). It inspired me to create a subscription free board somewhat like it, because I knew of quite a few people who wanted to join that board but couldn't afford to. That's how SH came to be... although it was originally on a free server and had a different name. Not much planning went into it.
  11. carita

    carita Freezing your screens

    It was a dream for over a year I think. We were talking about wanting to have our own site for a long time (my best friend and I). We were worried that we didn't have enough talent and knowledge. But then at some point, we decided that now it's the time. A site where we usually hanged at got so dull and impossible to enjoy yourself so we got a domain. I started building the design, she fixed up a forum. Then we gave it a go. We didn't do that much research. We just wanted to build a site where it's fun to be with. Got a good start :) Enjoying every new level reached. 10 members, 100 posts, 1000 posts. It's always a celebration around there when we reach something. Now we are reaching 20000 posts and that will be a big celebration. As our vol 2 gets out :D
  12. Nutt

    Nutt Coder/Designer

    I was a moderator on a board of the same topic. After a couple years the administrator decided he was spending too much time on the forum and let us know (a few weeks ahead of the general membership) that he was going to be shutting down the forum. One of the other moderators and I offered to buy the domain and forum from him but he had already been approached by another mod and sold it to him.

    The move was a fiasco. First it went to a Windows server that didn't support all the modifications, so a month or so later it was moved again to a Linux server. Then we found out that during the move about 18 months of threads were lost - the 18 months of most recent threads so only the older stuff was still there. And the new admin was never around to answer questions or change settings so I was deleting 5-10 spams a day as were other moderators because the forum had been opened up to anonymous posting.

    Sorry for the rant, but it leads to... the moderator who originally approached me about taking over that forum emailed me again several months later and suggested we just start over with a new forum and that's what we did bringing along a few of the mods from the original board with us. We're only about 6 weeks in but seem to be doing pretty well for such a new board which I can directly attribute to the mods that came with us - they write very well and have a lot of information to share.

    My other forum doesn't have a story - it's a support board for a program I wrote, but it's been running for about a year and I've learned quite a bit about forum admin from it that I'm using on my new one.
  13. s0lidgr0und

    s0lidgr0und s0lidgr0und.org admin

    Mine sort of just happened. Zero planning involved. I put things on there that I liked. People dug it. They stuck around.
  14. TrixieTang

    TrixieTang Custom User Title

    To get revenge on the nazi-esque forums I've been a member of in the past. :D
  15. Ceci

    Ceci Participant

    I love talking about current events and politics, but couldn't find a site that I liked with a nice community. Most of the political forums are filled with a lot of infighting and debates. So, I wanted to have a place for serious and civil discussion without all the drama. That is why I created my forum. However, like a lot of the new Admins here, I am still trying to get my "sea legs" in terms of finding out the ins and outs of running a board. :)
  16. cmanns

    cmanns =D

    I was banned from AMD Forums in 05' after my account was hacked and shortly after on a new account I made a post partly against the rules but not quite but a mod that hated me decided to ban me.
  17. FilmForums

    FilmForums Aspirant

    I started my site because I love movies and watch about 3 each week. I figure if I love movies this much other people must as well, and even though there are movie forums out there I am sure there is room for one more :)
  18. Inescia

    Inescia Aspirant

    My partner and I met online, and hit it off from the very start.
    We love Nextel's and we were staff on a few other iDEN sites but that did not work out too well, so we decided to start our own site for Nextel's. For that reason we were banned on several iDEN sites and hated by many, but we decided to forge ahead. In the iDEN community it is very difficult to have a succesful, friendly, helpful site. That was our goal, and so far we are succeeding. To the horror of many and that is also what makes us work even harder. I have seen so many sites taken down and not able to succeed. Terrible...
    I am very happy with my site and we planned it from the very start.
    We worked very hard and still do it but we enjoy it so much that we are actually quite happy. I Love my Nextel's and gadgets and I see the site as one of my gadgets, if you will and that is what keeps it moving.

  19. SageStone

    SageStone just david(:

    The latest forum I have created (currently own three of my own in total) wasn't planned very long before -- maybe about a month before me buying the domain name. The things was, I couldn't find a WoW discussion forum that wasn't linked to one server or for a guild... so I decided that I'd make my own. We are still planning on how things will work and all, but I think this one will be successful like my others. :)

  20. PacMan

    PacMan Tazmanian

    My second forum was started when I found a niche with no existing forums. Without any planning, I bought VB, photopost, a skin, the .com, .net and, .org.

    One thing I learned from this experience, starting a forum does take a fair amount of time to build a community, which I currently have little of. As a result, the forum has not grown as I expected, but I do have loyal group that post.
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