Why did you start a forum?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Stephanie_36, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. Stephanie_36

    Stephanie_36 Participant

    Just curious why everyone started their own forums. Almost every niche (if not all) have several forums out there. They have probably been around for years before yours, and have a good standing in the community.

    So, was there a specific reason you started you own? Do you ever regret starting your own? Did you ever receive any negative feedback from other forums in your niche?
  2. gogoblender

    gogoblender shiny happy pantless

    Me and three friends needed a place to post messages cuz we were kicked out of a clan. We didn't know anything about niches or whatever.

    What we did have instead is a huge need to post messages... this solves all problems of being busy btw...having a real need to make a forum. Also, we never really wanted to be busy... we just wanted to be the best at Ogame.


  3. DamianSharpe

    DamianSharpe Aspirant

    I started my forum because I can see a hole in the internet and I wanted to fill it.
    Everyone will make a forum for a different reason.
  4. hari

    hari Tazmanian

    I started a forum in 2004 when I hadn't even a clue that so many people were starting forums. I just wanted a discussion site online and went with phpBB which was the most obvious forum choice initially.
  5. EthanJ

    EthanJ La Belle Époque

    I started my first forum (based on UBB Flatfile) back in the late 90's; for the sole reason that mailing lists had gotten too restrictive for what we were using them for at the time, namely: a largeish hacking/phreaking/programming group that I had started a few year before hand. I've run forums (in one form or another) ever since: we currently have 30+.

    We've been doing it long enough that we're usually one of the first (or at least one of the biggest) in any market, for instance, some of our forums are running on 15 year old domains. Also, I couldn't care less about what our competitors think or say about us: people love to bitch and moan, especially if you're more successful than they are, you just have to accept that and ignore them.
  6. PeterPP

    PeterPP Aspirant

    I started my forum back in 2005 because there was no other forum on the same subject/topic which was one of a kind and then a year later a copy cat forum was started by some troublemakers who got banned from my forum.
  7. JulieVA

    JulieVA Habitué

    I started my forum after experiencing cliquishness and unfairness @ other fourms for mothers. I wanted to start a forum where everyone would be welcomed regardless of who kissed who's bum.
  8. Serenity278

    Serenity278 Aspirant

    I started Meow Community because I love cats. This one cat forum I went to when my Bear was sick and they really helped me to see that I needed to get that cat into the vet. I think that would be cool if my forum helps someone out like that.
  9. Rockatteer

    Rockatteer Devotee

    Actually, I started mine because I couldn't find anything similar and I wanted to talk about the show with like-mined people, so I started a forum myself.
  10. Successor

    Successor Enthusiast

    I started my forum for a couple different reasons. I wasn't satisfied with the way other forums in my niche were. The biggest one was active, but it just wasn't to my liking because of hostile members and staff I didn't trust. People who didn't like that place (and there were many) didn't have any worthwhile alternative.

    The other forums weren't worth posting at to me because they were slow, dinky clubhouse forums filled with cliquish friends that wouldn't pay a newcomer any mind. They would barely discuss the subject of the forum. They would rather fill the off topic board with bathroom humor and drama.

    I also wanted to prove people wrong who thought I wouldn't have success administrating a message board. That fits with me getting negative feedback from people at other forums. I was told that it would be the same thing as the dinky forums. I would only carry over the same members and pollute the internet with another slow, useless forum that would eventually die.

    Well, long story short, everything turned out well, and my forum is now the most successful one in my niche. :)
  11. rngrdanny22

    rngrdanny22 Adherent

    My niche has MANY forums out there (probably about 9 or 10, but only 4 or so have 100,000+ posts). I'm actually a member of at least 3 of them and have no problems with them. I just wanted to see if I could start my own forum and decided to try with a topic I know a lot about.

    I've had several members come to my forum and tell me they like mine the best because the other forums were too crowded, were too moderated, and were too "clickish".

    I actually like how I've met new people and made a few friends along the way! And I'm only 4 months in :)
  12. gogoblender

    gogoblender shiny happy pantless

    I love your cat header. Did you make that yourself?



  13. BrandonSheley

    BrandonSheley loving life

    My first forum was around 2001
    it's since been sold, bought another and sold them too :D
  14. xXTHeEddYXx

    xXTHeEddYXx Enthusiast

    I was power crazy and wanted to rule over a bunch of followers...
  15. rngrdanny22

    rngrdanny22 Adherent

    I ditto that... I guess it makes me one of your followers... LOL
  16. Serenity278

    Serenity278 Aspirant

    Thank you but I actually ported it from a joomla theme. I changed it a bit though. (Added the orange cat and got rid of a building in the background.) :kitty:

  17. Kebsy

    Kebsy Aspirant

    I have to say, I did the same thing. I was actually a member of two forums for parents of twins....the first one was prolly the largest, most popular forum on the net for parents of twins as well. The problem there was that they were very regulated, a ton of rules....that really only applied to you if you weren't a Moderator or one of their buddies.

    Then went to a 'spin off' site of that one that was the exact opposite. Totally uncensored, but I'm pretty sure the goal of that one was to be as mean as you could to ppl you didn't like :(

    So, I started GotTwinz and it's a nice medium between the two.
  18. Richard.R

    Richard.R Adherent

    Honestly i'm not sure why i started it, all i know is some days i wish i hadn't :p
  19. Black Angel

    Black Angel http://tcforums.net/

    Way back in 2004, I used to have a WinMX chat room, that I would occasionally run while downloading files and I got so fed up with trolls, perverted users sharing illegal files and constants crashes and bugs with the WinMX software and the chat software on my dial up connected computer, that I decided to open a forum.. where, I'd be able to do a lot of the same things I did with the chat room, but with more features available to my members, and with better controls for troublesome users.

    This way, if my computer ever crashed, the discussion was never interrupted.
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  20. Panupat

    Panupat Habitué

    Back in 1997, in Thailand, all the forums are old school. No post counts, no new reply bouncing the thread up to the top, no emoticons etc. I was so impressed with a few game websites that used vbulletin (and still does, tekkenzaibatsu and ffonline.com) and wanted to have a forum like that in my language.

    So I studied perl and wrote my own forum. It was a great adventure :)
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