Why did you choose phpbb3 over SMF?

Discussion in 'phpBB' started by onthehanger, May 2, 2009.

  1. retrostar

    retrostar Neophyte

    i prefer smf because it has alot of features.
  2. Xee

    Xee Aspirant

    That's pretty much why I'm sticking with it. Support is never far away. I understand how some people think it looks outdated, especially if you go with subsilver2, but a custom style and some other customization can go a long way to updating the look.

    As others have said though, if you got a lot of mods it would really benefit you to learn some php to make sure everything works together smoothly.
  3. Rahfal

    Rahfal Neophyte

    I like phpBB over SMF because I how it looks a lot more modern, but user-wise and staff-wise. In the ACP for SMF, it's a lot of old old-fashion drop down menus and simple table layouts for permissions and other things. phpBB is more modern in that sense.
  4. complexity

    complexity Aspirant

    Because the ability to modify it is way more impressive.
  5. JanusX

    JanusX Neophyte

    PHPBB is a lot nicer. I tried SMF and it's horrible.
  6. Ryu2532

    Ryu2532 Aspirant

    Because I like phpbb better than SMF.
  7. 78Xe

    78Xe Neophyte

    I prefer SMF over phpbb actually it's a lot nicer. I really like the way it's layed out.
  8. sunsettommy

    sunsettommy Enthusiast

    It is always interesting to see such contrary opinions over a few software choices.

    I for one by personal experience learned to dislike some of the phpBB3 set up because it is way too scaled and that adding a mod has be a chore.Making a logo is torture and so on.

    But it does have on thing that I think is the best around and that is the WIDE size of the post box to make a post in.But alas there are too few reasons for me to like it.

    I hope they do better with the upcoming 4.0 version.
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