Who are the people in your neighbourhood?

Discussion in 'Members & Staff' started by Nev_Dull, Sep 11, 2017.

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    I've been wondering just how much forum admins really know about our members. Most of us rely on quantitative data that we gather from Google Analytics and similar tools. While that data can paint a pretty good picture of our members, it's a picture without a lot of depth. It doesn't really tell us who our members are. That leads me to the question:

    How many of you have done any sort of user research on your forum? If you have, how did you go about it and did you learn anything surprising?

    We did a survey on my forum just over a year ago, while we had it down for a big restructure. The biggest surprise for me was the number of responses, from both members and regular visitors. Over 80% of active members filled it out, and more interestingly, a fairly large number of visitors responded. The other nice surprise was the results of the survey itself were not too surprising. It was more of a confirmation that our primary audience was just who we thought they were. That is a nice confidence boost to know we were focusing on the right things.
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    I'm not marrying the person....(background checks :LOL:)....you find out who your members are in a very short timeframe, at least that's my experience.
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    Doing a SurveyMonkey campaign at this moment. I do it every two years to help with banners sales and other business efforts.
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    Western Canadian loners :wave:
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    Isn't that just a synonym for Western Canadians?
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    I would like to hear more about this - and specifically what you do, what you learn, etc. Maybe make a new thread about it?
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