Which types of hosting is good for business directory?

Discussion in 'Hosting Discussions' started by Raman, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Raman

    Raman Aspirant


    We are running business listing search engine where in future we get large amount of traffic. Will you please suggest me which types of web hosting is good for that with some advantages. VPS/Cloud/Dedicated Server etc..
    As I am new, please describe in details..
  2. NXN

    NXN Aspirant

    Depends on usage.
  3. MikeDance

    MikeDance Neophyte

    It depends on the visitors (how much bandwidth you need). I'd recommend starting out on a Shared hosting account, if you get a lot of traffic then maybe move to a small VPS.
  4. zomgmike

    zomgmike Participant

    How many concurrent visitors do you expect and what software is running it?
  5. rwill76

    rwill76 Aspirant

    Directories can grow large in size and maintain a regular amount of traffic. Typically, however, directory software is not highly resource intensive (in terms of CPU, Memory usage), which allows the average website to be able to utilize a Shared Hosting or VPS account.
  6. zomgmike

    zomgmike Participant

    Shared hosting should be great for a smaller site. It is more about concurrent users than what you're hosting. Do you know how many concurrent visitors you're expecting?
  7. MikeDVB

    MikeDVB Fan

    Personally I just suggest you start with the cheapest solution that will fit your needs at the time and be prepared to upgrade / make changes as necessary.

    Migrating plans within a single provider is usually pretty easy especially with a competent provider. Migrating providers can be more work but isn't difficult in most cases either.

    A lot of people sign up for way more than they need expecting a huge amount of traffic or growth and it simply never materializes. While I obviously hope that isn't what happens in any case - it does happen more often than not.
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