Domain Name(s) Which registrar do you use for your domains?

Discussion in 'Domains and SSL Certificates' started by tokyoice, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. Ali.Ch

    Ali.Ch Aspirant

    I am using AiONETS, they are not well-known in the US. I have 40 domains names with them and their pricing is really reasonable. They don't try to sell you their other services like many other service providers. I moved to them about a year ago from Resellerclub.
  2. Oldiesmann

    Oldiesmann Tazmanian

    I use for mine.
  3. gogoblender

    gogoblender shiny happy pantless

    Name Cheap
    they are absolutely the best
    Way back in the old days we were with free naming from free invision shared hosting and software.. from there to out orn purchase of ipb then to network solutions who almost started the internet...from them with their rip off prices we went to godaddy...who then became a rip off pricing with tons of blinky ads ...and from there finally to name cheap...these guys always say everything up front, we just love their transparency. We've had issues sometimes with the skill levels of some of their agents but they will always always listen and find someone who can fix the issue.
    We were so impressed after all those years with other registarts that we finally gave all our names to namecheap and finally our hosting


  4. Karfunkel

    Karfunkel Aspirant

    Im using godaddy :)
  5. Erin Nicole

    Erin Nicole Habitué

    I use Namecheap. I thought about switching over to (my hosting provider) but like how it was a few years ago when I was last managing my sites, hosting providers are more expensive. Wish it wasn’t that way but oh well!
  6. Exa-Kent

    Exa-Kent Aspirant

    I buy from Exabytes. Seems like no one buy from Exabytes.. Opps...
  7. overcast

    overcast Enthusiast

    I recently moved one more domain from the namecheap to Godaddy. I am tired of the upsells from godaddy but they are good on backend.
  8. Wes of StarArmy

    Wes of StarArmy Adherent

    I started out using Network Solutions but they're pricey and their control panel is obtuse. Years ago, I moved all but my most important domains to Godaddy for the price savings and I've been pretty satisfied with them and their interface; however, after all that crap with their CEO shooting elephants and stuff I'm about ready to move again and the Cloudflare registrar option is looking attractive, mainly because it's dirt cheap.

    One problem is that Cloudflare doesn't support my .army domain (Star.Army) yet.
  9. Penguin

    Penguin Aspirant

    I use Namecheap as a registrar, but use Cloudflare as a CDN/DNS
  10. Wes of StarArmy

    Wes of StarArmy Adherent

    Just made the switch, transferring my first domain to Cloudflare's new no-markup registrar. Will let you guys know how it goes.
  11. jr09tb11

    jr09tb11 Aspirant

    Godaddy and Namecheap
  12. Paul Buonopane

    Paul Buonopane Aspirant

    I recently moved about 100 domains away from Namecheap because they don't support DNSSEC. They've been saying it's been on the way for years, but they keep stalling. You can get DNSSEC enabled for domains on a handful of TLDs by talking to support, but that's unreasonable when you have 100+ domains. I'm almost exclusively on Dynadot and Cloudflare now, with a few domains scattered among other registrars.
  13. Alex.

    Alex. The Ancient Dragon

    Dynadote. They've been on top of their game ever since someone I knew referred me to them maybe 12 years ago.

    I highly recommend using a third-party to check domain status and or whois info because some registrars will automatically place a hold on them. Alternatively, if you use Linux, and I suppose macOS, too (can't check this now), you could open up an SSH client and lookup whois info there, too.

    Paul, excuse the dumb question, but is DNSSEC that extended green security tag in the address bar or am I thinking of something else?
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