Which one is forum Url seo friendly?

Discussion in 'Forum SEO' started by shahinkh, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. shahinkh

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    Hello Guys. :)

    My concern is how these forum URL gonna affect seo, page ranking in google. After using Wordpress for long time, I'm planing to start new site with forum (Vbulletin) on it but I have some of these question: (I use an example of path)

    General forums (with 3 forum and -2 sub forum)
    News -General Rules (Guidelines)
    Feedback -Suggestion
    Member zone

    so when I click on "News" forum, It take me to "aaa.com/forum2.html"
    and if I click on "General Rules" which its sub forum of "News" it take me to "aaa.com/forum114.html"
    So if I click on one of the topics in either of these forum, my Url will be "aaa.com/thread33.html"

    So my questions are, is it wise to change those "forum#.html" to the name of forum, sub forums? like "aaa.com/News.html "and for sub forum of that "aaa.com/General-Rules.html "or "aaa.com/news/general-rules.html" ?

    And for topics, which one is better too? like "aaa.com/[forums-title]/[topic-name].html" or "aaa.com/[topic-name].html"?

    Thank you for your time. :)
  2. shahinkh

    shahinkh Neophyte

    P.S little update, I'm planing to use wordpress on this second site too so i'm moving my forum to subdomain. like: forum.aaa.com
    (this I forgot to add on last post)
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  3. shahinkh

    shahinkh Neophyte

  4. esquire

    esquire Habitué

    If it's impacting, it is very small these days and many other items take far more precedence. Note that there may be an impact on human users should your bare links be cited offsite (or even onsite) as words may provide context to an otherwise uninformative numbered link.
  5. darnoldy

    darnoldy Curmudgeon

    If you look at the really cryptic URLs used by many big, high-ranking sites, you will see that it really makes no difference—focus your SEO efforts elsewhere.
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