Which one is better ? Proboards or Zetaboards ?

Discussion in 'Free Hosted Forums' started by meetdilip, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. OptimusVault

    OptimusVault Participant

    I've tried both and i have to go with ZB :)
  2. Sockio

    Sockio Participant

    Zetaboards is actually pretty good, I like the structure of it, the great user interface. It's also easy for beginners as you can learn to use it quite quickly. The community is not so bad either
  3. darrenvox

    darrenvox Neophyte

    I've never used zeta boards but I do love proboards
  4. CureNa11

    CureNa11 Aspirant

    This is an old thread. But for me it's proboards, it's easy, quick, has a great and large community, and is free. I tried ZB and it's so complicated!
  5. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Opinionated asshat

    And something to be attentive of (which has probably been commented on earlier) is knowing that you have the ability to EXPORT your DB in case your site becomes popular... otherwise, you are screwed royally if you ever want to move. Honestly, I'd never even contemplate using anything similar to this if
    A) I could not later get my DB
    B) I could not import the data into other current scripts.
    Low end shared hosting is cheap now days, and there are plenty of scripts that will allow both A & B above to be done.
  6. Iwizfranchise

    Iwizfranchise Neophyte

    I do not think anyone in any way, man does not care. We know each other a lot of time, and one person from the front hall and many people have met. Zetaboards Now we have to use our discussions to continue. There will be a hassle for bringing some shiny features and moving that nobody really is interested.
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