Which of these types should be NoIndexed on Wordpress site for optimal SEO?

Discussion in 'Wordpress' started by Whitesky, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. Whitesky

    Whitesky Aspirant

    Hello, so I'm using the popular All In One SEO pack, and read several guides on optimal settings, specifically pertaining to no-indexing and no-following.

    Every guide typically shows just Pages, Posts & Media. However, my site currently has a ton of post types, so a bit lost here on which I should be checking. Here's the options:


    I'm no SEO whiz but I'd imagine I only want to be indexing as little important content as possible for greater weighting on those items - pages, posts, & store products (I use Woocommerce).

    Should I just check everything else? Thanks for any opinions,
  2. Whitesky

    Whitesky Aspirant

    Thanks, but as per my first post, I mentioned that I've read several guides including the ones you showed in your screenshots. Since they only cover stock WP (Pages, Posts, Media) there's no info I could find about when to nofollow other post types.

    I have 15 post types vs the tradtional 3. Looking for recommendations on whether these should all be noindexed/nofollowed.
  3. Indianparents

    Indianparents Enthusiast

    You are right about indexing as little as possible. I would choose to index gallery, coupons and products in addition to the standard post types.
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