Where do you see the current softwares in (time frame)

Discussion in 'Forum Software' started by LeftWingNutjob, May 27, 2005.

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    Obviously what I said was exagerated; however, the main point I want to make concerning SMF is that they overcomplicate a lot of things (imo) and that their look can be improved. They appeal to a certain type of forum administrator, but if they dumbed-down their software in the way that IPB, phpBB and vB (getting better!) has been, I think they would attract a lot more people. Also, a redesign of their website wouldn't help :p They use too many near-unreadable font sizes.
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    Easy reason: YaBB SE also had a huge community and over the years people who knew YaBB SE also started registering on SMF. So there are two streams of new users: old YaBB SE users and completely new ones.
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    That's certainly true about the YaBB migration. Though if you check the smf board, there's alot of others too, as represented by the stack load of converters smf has.
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    What I think will happen in the next 2 years (I can't say anything as big as 3 years, who knows what will happen in that time)

    - Invision: I do believe they may go and try to become too advanced, and eventually phase customers out. Also, the license fee is phenomonal, and some arent willing to pay it for a first board, especially if there is no guarantee of sucess. It will still be going very strong though.
    Now: 8/10

    Three years time:

    - phpBB - Nice simple software, I hope it stays that way, though I think they need to get cracking on PhpBB3 or users may go to MyBB, wanting to crack on.
    Now: 5/10
    Three years time:

    MyBB - I can't honestly believe anyone uses this. I trialed it, and it is purely awful software. It is an excuse to copy IPB and vB, and is very tacky. It is also taking an age to develop.
    Now: 2/10

    Three years time:

    - SMF - I believe, with a bit of styling and ACP improvement, SMF may be one of the best forums out there. It is more advanced than phpBB but has less security loopholes. I found the ACP baffling at times though. Unique
    Now: 6/10
    Three years time:

    - UBB (both .threads and .classic) - What can I say - Yuk! Looks like a primary school website, and again is tacky software IMHO.
    Now: 1/10
    Three years time:

    - vBulletin - I hope the dev team concentrate on just the one product, and not like the IPB team who feel the need to release 100's of needless and expensive addons. vBulletin is forum software, and if it stays that way, keeps advancing the way it has been, it will be there for years to come.
    Now: 9/10
    Three years time:
    InvisionFree - I think this will phase out over time altogether, as people will find better alternatives. I refuse to join invisionfree forums, as they tend to be run by low-lifes who can't really be arsed to style or make any effort (sorry to any IF users, but this is personal experience)
    Now: 3/10
    Three years time:

    I wouldn't be at all surprised if Microsoft or Google delve into the forum market, and release some kind of software (well ok, only Microsoft).
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    Hoo boy. Three years away:

    vBulletin: users will be screaming for a CMS, and the limited (but, for some reason, very vocally defended) front page portal hacks aren't going to cut it any more. I see Jelsoft buying the rights to Subdreamer. If the admin interface gets more cluttered, it may be percieved as bloatware, and lose some percentage of market share. They'll also have to improve their stock graphics in the face of what is seen as a "prettier" Invision Power Board. Three years: probably still at the head of the pack, but my a much smaller margin.

    Invision Power Board: They seem to be projecting a more cliche "serious robust end-to-end e-business solutions" image. The corporate crowd will eat it up, and thus they'll gain market share. They've had a flurry of activity lately with an extension of their product line: a portal, gallery and blog. It's still a small company, though, so resources will be stretched thin as more message boards go online. Three years: greater market share, finally respected as a a second "standard" much like UBB in the late 1990s and vBulletin today, but still playing second fiddle.

    UBB: Dead. An open source message board using UBB flat file databases might emerge so legacy boards run by stubborn forum admins can continue as they have been since 1996.

    phpBB, SMF: Two of the "big three" free board packages. The third? PunBB. unless the following becomes true; then all bets are off.

    Wild prediction: The open source message board package being developed by Something Awful staff member radium to replace vBulletin will gain widespread popularity. If it's good, expect it to rival vBulletin and Invision Power Board.

    Wild but unlikely prediction: An open message board database format will gain popularity. For instance, an admin using Forum Package X can choose to use either their standard dataabse format, or the open format. If they decide to run Forum Package Y later, all they have to do is swap scripts; no database conversion would be necessary.
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