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Discussion in 'Hosting Discussions' started by Doctor 404, May 16, 2016.

  1. Doctor 404

    Doctor 404 Developing is Cool

    I'm running (Or at least soon i'll be running) an Spanish Roleplay community for GTA San Andreas: Multiplayer. The thing is that i have to connect my UCP somewhere and i'm looking to do it on a Cloud Hosting package which should ensure a 95% if not 99% of Uptime (For the time being, as i don't want to spend money on cloud vps and then fail miserably with my server creating a big money loss).

    As of now, i've ordered one of Hostgator's Cloud Packages (I think it's the Hatchling one) but haven't enjoyed much the Support they have and also i have experienced my site to be wasting 70% of resources (Both Ram and CPU) rendering it unreachable, which is rare as there are only two people who know the domain (My friend and i) so i can safely discard the DDOS/Attack factor on it.

    So, i been looking at options but haven't found much (I was going to do BlueHost but the 12 months minimum limit is overkill for such small site which contains a small forum and ucp)

    I'm looking over features like: cPanel, CloudFlare, Cron Jobs enabled, unlimited domains, unlimited emails or similar to the Performance Package of BlueHost.

    If you have any suggestions, i'll greatly appreciate them.
  2. I've been very happy with CrocWeb. cPanel SSD hosting in Canada. Importantly they have great support. I always receive very prompt answers to any support queries I submit.
  3. Doctor 404

    Doctor 404 Developing is Cool

    Thanks, i'll look over those Providers! :)
  4. Host4Geeks

    Host4Geeks Participant

    While it would be in the least of my interest to name call another fellow provider but HostGator, Bluehost, Site5 are all companies owned by the EIG (Endurance International Group). Moving between these providers means that you're just going to a different brand, most of the service, support and infrastructure remains the same. A simple Google search about EIG will yield you a lot of results as to why they are hated and suggested against across most forums.
  5. zaboca

    zaboca Coder/Designer

    I use Siteground for my shared hosting needs, check them out if you're unable to find another provider.
  6. Doctor 404

    Doctor 404 Developing is Cool

    At this point i've gave up on Cloud WebHosting. I'll probably go Host4Geeks way once my HostGator refund comes through.

    Thanks everybody for the suggestions!
  7. ethan

    ethan im a fireman, i mean EMT

    Bit late, but I actually have experience working with both SA-MP and MTA, so i guess I'm kinda qualified to answer your questions:

    A primary issue with UCP's for servers like these is interconnectability - having the UCP and server itself on different servers, particularly in different places, is both a potential security risk (since you need to have at least some remote SQL connectivity enabled) and will cause at least some lag + CPU useage. The farther away the UCP and game server are from each other, plus the routing involved, will increase how noticeable the lag is on the UCP (I assume your UCP is just plugging into the server database which is hosted on the server machine)

    If it was my server, I'd set both the server and website on a VPS/VDS through a provider like NFO or OVH, that will actually bring down costs because you're paying one provider which gives you the ability to set up:
    • Server
    • Website
    • Teamspeak
    • IRC (if you want)
    • Shoutcast/Icecast/etc
    Basically you'll pay a bit more but for a SA-MP community more bang for your buck is best. But of course that requires at least some basic knowledge of how to run/secure a machine without any provider hand-holding. If it's not possible for you to go the VPS/VDS route, I'd try to get both services through the same provider and most preferably in the same datacenter to mitigate latency involved.

    Just my 2c
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  8. Timelord_

    Timelord_ Enthusiast


    If you are looking for "true" cloud hosting, then you need to look to one of the big three.

    Google Compute Engine
    Microsoft Azure.
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