Where Are Good Places To Advertise?

Discussion in 'Increasing Traffic' started by shiola, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. shiola

    shiola Participant

    Last year, and some of this year, I've been doing quite a bit of online advertising to attract new members to the fourm. Some have worked well, others not so much.

    Apart from PPC and AdWords, I was wondering where else have forum owners advertised that have bought a good amount of new members (not just traffic). I'm talking paid sources, not including search engines or directories or even swapping links.

    My forum is a humour/'waste time' kind of site so I've been placing text links on humor sites and bought the odd newsletter space.

    http://www.adengage.com - has been a good place, especially advertising in www.i-am-bored.com and www.youthink.com. Another advertising broker is http://www.adbrite.com, this has a few good sites that I found. Both these places have a wide range of websites for all owners to advertise on, not just humour related.

    I also tried a few ads on blogs from here - http://www.blogads.com - I found blogs weren't as effective in getting new users though.

    Has anyone got any ideas on other places to advertise?
  2. twist

    twist Aspirant

    Why not advertise off the internet? Your site would appeal to students, I'm sure, so you could give out badges or stickers at the local university. It sounds like you've got a budget.
  3. LIRacing.net

    LIRacing.net www.StructuralNet.com

    Yea I don't think he is here anymore, the original post is back from the days when I joined!

    Someone went post digging, for a reason :bonk:
  4. JakeMac

    JakeMac Participant

    The bored.com main site gets over 200k hits a day. You could ask the webmaster if he'll let you advertise on there, for a price. I'm not sure if he'll accept or how much it will cost because I'm too lazy to ask :p. His contact is: nick@jwmedia.biz
  5. Janiels

    Janiels Aspirant

    try advertising on social networking sites such as facebook, you can gain decent traffic over their website.. its not that bad to try..
  6. muqtada123

    muqtada123 Neophyte

    i google for 150 list well ranked social media websites and they can generate enough traffic for you. try
  7. maksim

    maksim Serial Entrepreneur

    bored and facebook.... yup, that will go well together.
  8. janicejan

    janicejan Aspirant

    you can also visit rateitall.com and create a lens on squidoo.. articles may also help in your advertising campaign.
  9. Jenie0109

    Jenie0109 Aspirant

    go to plurk . com . Its like a web base messenger. Spam all over, plurk loves it. The more you post. The more plurk gives you incentive
  10. GrahmeSmith

    GrahmeSmith Neophyte

    I think you have to increase your PR to get more traffic, Getting more traffic will give you bring more people to your forum, there will be more new members....However, you have to keep on eye of spammers......:hopeless:
  11. TheokieZA

    TheokieZA Aspirant

    I get almost no luck with advertising :( I use Ad words and only got 9 clicks in one week and no conversions.... Back to the drawing board I guess :confused:
  12. terrymason

    terrymason Enthusiast

    try buysellads.com

    You can get some pretty good deals there
  13. lllAE86lll

    lllAE86lll Computer Technician

    Try social bookmarking.

    Pretty good traffic generator
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