What/Who is the highest credible source that referenced your website?

Discussion in 'Managing an Online Community' started by sbjsbj, Nov 9, 2019 at 11:15 AM.

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    Hey, I know it is a bit lowkey bragging but I am just happy and was curious about your experiences.

    So, I have a long history with forum management and prepared for years a forum for myself (collecting data/information). I opened it last year in summer finally and I am serving mainly highly trained professionals and academicians (so a very very small niche).

    This week I got contacted from one who wants to reference my forum for her doctoral thesis (dissertation) as a source and she asked some questions about us. I was happy seeing that my forum serves the target audience and it gave me a motivational boost to go on. My site was mentioned before on some Wikipedia articles and I believe in the following years this will continue as my site gets more and more known in the niche I am in, but I didn't expect that so soon my site will land on a doctoral paper. This is an honor for me of course.

    Anyway, so after the lowkey boasting (sorry for that), I would like to hear how you guys are doing as a credible source in your niche? Are you getting referenced a lot? On what level? By whom? Some of you guys are out there for over a decade, I assume you guys have crafted a stronger backbone over the years.

    Any experience is welcome, I am on my good mood today :).
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    EBay used my forum as an example for SEMA education classes a few years back.

    It was referenced again this week as part of the SEMA Overland Experience panel discussions.

    We guided Lexus at an offroad event this past summer. Am presently consulting with Toyota R&D on some future ideas.

    My rockcrawler buggy and I were just featured in a video production for Milestar Tires, just released on Instagram yesterday. (and shown all week at their SEMA booth)

    I've personally been in the forum space since the late 90's, and in the offroad space for 30 years :)
  3. sbjsbj

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    So commercially you got high tier connections, very impressive.

    As I thought, guys who are in it over a decade are probably the most successful forum out there that had a lot of time to build connections and serve as a reliable source.
    I hope one day I can get to that level where I can work together with universities (which would be the equivalent of working together with autobile manufacturers in my niche).

    Not too shabby, wish you more good days. Thanks.
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