What sort of user groups you have in your forum?

Discussion in 'Community Organization' started by Impaler, Nov 9, 2019 at 5:06 AM.

  1. Impaler

    Impaler Aspirant

    Hello, first off I'd like to say that I run a IPS Suite forum and its group promotion possibilities are outlined in this article. I'm thinking about expanding available usergroups on my IPS Suite forum.

    To this day I had only these groups:
    • newbie group for newly registered members
    • user group with more access to various functions when they reach 50 posts
    • a VIP group that is given to very deserving members or donators even more permissions
    Now that I look at it I think there are more possibilities to make things more interesting but before I close myself in a dark room to do some creative thinking about it all can any of you share what have you implemented in your forums to engage users and keep them wanting to climb up the ladder so to speak?

    Immediate ideas that I have is to make a group or groups that are based on members registration date. so a newbie can't be someone who registered 5 years ago but doesn't post anything but visit regularly. But then I think about combinations where I'd try to include things that include having a gallery/blog and my heads starts to swell thinking about the hierarchy of groups, hierarchy of it all.

    Please share your best practices and strategies that you have thought out regarding this subject.
  2. fixer

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  3. Impaler

    Impaler Aspirant

    Perhaps I made an error in the topic title, I meant usergroups. Not groups/clubs in general.
  4. fixer

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    Opps sorry

  5. Impaler

    Impaler Aspirant

    What are the differences between member and feeder at your site?
  6. fixer

    fixer I'm In My Prime

    • name colors
    • feeders are not real people
    its to better separate system vs user generated content
  7. SaN-DeeP

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    Dont Play with CRAP..
    Posts, likes, etc. Use something natural and unique we are discussing about 10+ years old technique..

    Research is your best BET, if you want to be a PUBLISHING KING..

    Just read and follow (without any innovation ?) can this lead to growth ? Just ask yourself. Millions on same path.
  8. gogoblender

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    We actually have a number, and they're mostly to reflect effort, energy or work that we appreciate or know that members will appreciate for the content they bring. Having members bring content is the most important value for us, and when we see people do this, we can put in new groupings with colors or effects. Our site is a gaming site, so if we get a person who shows up and is very charismatic and loves to create mods, we will give them a better grouping than member, instead Sacred Game Modder which actually glows and is distinct. Here's a pic of people logged in now... as you can see the blue "members" color is indistinct and very normal...when you get recognized as a "modder" though... you get recognition and a new color and effect in your post bit and log in name.... people love this :)


    These days people love status. Recognizing work and according it is worthwhile

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  9. Joel R

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    Instead of asking other communities what they do, which may not be applicable to yours at all, here are some questions that you can ask yourself.

    Is your site new? Or is your site well established? (New sites only need simple hierarchies. Don't overbuild).

    Do you have multiple member journeys? Or only one?

    For these member journeys, what kinds of motivation will make the most impact? New titles, ranks, and trophies are external motivation of achievements, collecting, and showcasing. What are intrinsic motivations that you could offer as well?

    Do you have a community strategy of certain kinds of contributions that you want to recognize? And certain kinds of content that don't really matter (eg. social, offtopic)?

    I know these are harder questions to answer and not as simple as copying someone else's promotion strategy, but it'll ultimately give you a better promotion strategy grounded in what's best for your community.
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