What is your take on quizzes?

Discussion in 'Community Organization' started by Maxxamillion, Dec 24, 2014.

  1. Maxxamillion

    Maxxamillion Gaming Geek

    I was considering adding a quiz addon to my gaming forum and creating any quizzes related to gaming and youtube topics. I think it could be something different, i have some great ideas for quizzes to add. What do you think about quizzes? are they past their time now?
  2. cheat_master30

    cheat_master30 Moderator

    I like quizzes, if done well. I use a quiz add on for one of my own sites, and it seems to work well enough.

    Of course, it works better if you can give people a badge or something with their score on afterwards... they can use it on third party forums as a way to draw people to your site.
  3. Jura

    Jura Devotee

    Really boring.
  4. Phillip

    Phillip The Priest

    I don't have problem with quizzes, I actually enjoy this to say the least. :)
  5. Tecca

    Tecca Fan

    I think they could be really fun, but it depends on the context. Generic gaming quizzes might be boring for a lot of people, but specific quizzes might generate more excitement. Say, for instance, a quiz on a forum that's dedicated to Final Fantasy. Those users would likely enjoy FF quizzes vastly more than someone on a general gaming forum that's answering questions ranging from PC gaming to console gaming — it's hard to target their specific interests if things are generalized.
  6. Maxxamillion

    Maxxamillion Gaming Geek

    that was my idea making specific ones for games and YouTube personalities
  7. cdub24

    cdub24 Participant

    A quiz addon would be cool.
  8. Somniloquent

    Somniloquent Enthusiast

    I tested a quiz add-on with our beta testing group, and it didn't seem worth adding to our main site. People seemed to mildly enjoy them, but not enough to warrant keeping.
  9. GhettoChild

    GhettoChild Coder/Designer

    I tried a quiz system on IPS. It's difficult to gage interest or to gain traction amoung members. The biggest mistake with most quiz add-on's is making them a seperate app.

    I would be better if a quiz add-on would work like a forum poll where you add a allow members to add short quiz to general discussion post.

    Adding quizzes as an app with it's own tab doesn't create much user engagement.
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