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  1. markwein

    markwein Enthusiast

    This might be the wrong forum for this but I am curious as to how many forums are gaming oriented vs. other types of content. I run a musicians forum and most of the forums I frequent are for musicians but the more I read on sites like this the more I'm thinking that the majority of forums online right now are based on gaming of some sort...am I wrong?
  2. adbrad

    adbrad Habitué

    I have a dog forum.
  3. markwein

    markwein Enthusiast

    I've been accused of running one since I post too many pictures of this guy:



  4. tbofram

    tbofram That cool member

    I run a tech help forum. only started it a few days ago so it is not even in my sig yet :) my other forum is a general all around forum
  5. d3wlin

    d3wlin Web Development

    A graphics forum for GIMP users, woof woof

  6. Joshuad

    Joshuad Developer

    Currently I run 2 different gaming forums (focused upon 2 different games), a technology blog, and until June a Zombie Culture forum. I've owned dozens of sites over the years, and have been in niches such as digital art, horror movies, and melodic death metal (music). I'm in the process of working towards yet another site, focused on music composition and MIDI.
  7. GeorgeB.

    GeorgeB. ............

    Guilty here as well. I run a forum for homefront, the new FPS that came out this week.

    I'm usually against gaming forums but this one truly is a hobby one. Not meant to make money or anything I just love the game :)
  8. nat9655

    nat9655 Enthusiast

    I help run (or used to) a forum that is a 'fansite' to Habbo.
    Working on another one, just haven't chosen a topic etc.
  9. XuanZhongda

    XuanZhongda Aspirant

    I run a General Discussion forum. What would make you think gaming forums are the majority?
  10. cpvr

    cpvr Tazmanian Master

    Well, I run a virtual pets community. It specializes in the discussion of virtual worlds - and online games.

    I try to give my users a variety of forums to chose from - which means, we're not limited to just one subject.
  11. markwein

    markwein Enthusiast

    mostly from people sharing their forums here on and vbulletin.com...more on vb though.
  12. wanksta

    wanksta Internet Sweatshop

    2 Automotive forums
    1 Fitness Forum

    All on extensively modified vBulletin 3.8.6.

    Take a look at some peoples signatures on here and the Review forum too. High percentage of them are gaming forums. OP you're not the only one to have noticed this 'trend' you may also be interested in a thread I started a little while ago: http://www.theadminzone.com/forums/showthread.php?t=79616
  13. GeorgeB.

    GeorgeB. ............

    Gaming forums may be a bit harder to monetize but they are easy to get started. Gamers who play online tend to be technically savvy enough to "get" forums and they're social people because gaming itself is a social hobby. They will also share their affiliation with your forum quite willingly.

    Since gaming is also a sort of technical hobby it generate plenty of search queries for people trying to figure things out or learn strategies.
  14. markwein

    markwein Enthusiast

    It makes sense. I did see the thread about dead forum links a few days ago.

    I think what has kept the ball rolling on my forum is that not only is it about my topic( guitars and music) but we have a large community of off topic posters in the of topic forum and in our cars and food forums. Being able to just have discussions about anything with folks who are also into your main interest keeps the active posters hanging out all day instead of heading over to other forums to catch all of their interests....
  15. miscellany

    miscellany Aspirant

    Mine started out as an off shoot from a paranormal type board, but has turned into a general chit chat board

    I add forums as needed and have expanded from 3 forums to over 15
  16. Mew

    Mew YUM YUM!

    My project's are a creative writers forum mainly focused on novel writing though. And a food related forum dedicated to a certain channel :p
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  17. Creaky

    Creaky Adherent

    Current site is a technology based forum, link in sig.
  18. adbrad

    adbrad Habitué

    cute dog what breed is he
  19. jackregan

    jackregan Aspirant

    Good topic!!

    My forum is about Catholic Youth Ministry. I know - it's religious, but don't be scared :)

    It is the largest site dedicated to people in our field and we are very proud of the support we give them.

    Today is actually the site's fourth birthday. We are currently getting over 7,000 page hits a day and have over 1,500 members. That's probably quite small compared with a lot of sites on here, but considering the size of our field, we are quite proud of it.

    Onwards and upwards, I guess...
  20. markwein

    markwein Enthusiast


    Thanks! He's a mix of Border Collie and German Sheppard. He's a great dog and really good with the kids. Sometimes a little too smart for his own good, though.
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