What Is Your Favorite Programming Language And Why?

Discussion in 'Programming Languages' started by ozzy47, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. kingcool52

    kingcool52 Participant

    Python for me. It's what I used to create my current website actually (with Flask as well of course). It's such an easy language once you understand it and it's just such a great programming language to use.
  2. thedarkdragon

    thedarkdragon Neophyte

    I am a huge fan of Golang. It is very simple to pick up and yet very powerful and can be used for a lot of things. I mainly use it for API/Back-end web development, but it's also being heavily used in the DevOps space. Golang tries to enforce good programming practices even to new programmers, so I think it's a good language to learn even for beginners. Some may not like the fact that Golang is not a true oop langauge, but I think it made the right choice to move away from oop, but it retains the good concepts of oop (interfaces) and throws away the bad ones (like inheritance abuse).
  3. Cory

    Cory Enthusiast

    jQuery isn't really a core language, it's a JavaScript library, but it's my most favorite due to its easy usability and all the jam-packed features it has.
  4. Paul M

    Paul M Dr Pepper Addict

    I still love BASIC. :)
  5. JohnFound

    JohnFound Aspirant

    I have written thousands lines of code in different languages: Basic, Forth, Pascal, Delphi, Perl, PHP, JS and even bash, but my favorite and the love of my life is assembly language!

    I know many assembly languages for different CPUs. And I am happy that I can write most of my software in assembly language. The feeling to talk to the computer in its own language is priceless. :)
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  6. Paul M

    Paul M Dr Pepper Addict

    I havent written in assembler since writing 6502 code for my BBC Micro back in the 1980's
  7. djbaxter

    djbaxter Tazmanian Veteran

    In the past, I've written in Fortran, Compiler Basic and Visual Basic, a bit of C and C+, a bit of assembler, and PHP. And of course HTML and a bit of javascript...

    I must admit that like Paul MPaul M my favorite was compiler Basic. Very intuitive and easy to test and debug... :)
  8. jmtullock

    jmtullock Neophyte

    PHP is really the only language that I am familiar with, since it was easy to start with when I first got into programming and I really only do web development. I am going to start teaching myself python this summer too.
  9. Sockio

    Sockio Participant

    JS or C+. I started out with JS, and learned a bit more about coding from creating templates and such on Wikia.
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