What is nulled software?

Discussion in 'Forum Software' started by PalePhoenix, Apr 10, 2007.

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    CMOBOSS All About Da-Cookies.

    It's cool I was really just being a smartazz. Although to a point i was finding it funny how many different metaphores (sp) were being used in the name of coding, and copyrights.
  2. hvyhitter

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    well said sir..

    gold star for you.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Habitué

    Piracy hurts nobody.

    Piracy has actually helped sales of a product once the inidvidual tried the pirated product and found how he or she likes or dislikes it.

    Developers and publishers are contributors to piracy, especially in the software industry (Games, Operating systems - etc) I can recall many times that I purchased a game at walmart and it wouldn't work or I found the game sucked badly. Guess what? I couldn't return it for a refund or another game. I could only exchange it for the same exact title.

    If I liked the title, why would I be returning it in the first frigging place! I'm not making a copy of a bad game!

    Plus, why allow people to return games for the same title? All that does is create a bigger piracy problem...now the person has two CD keys and can publish one on the internet for all to use. That doesn't help solve the piracy issue.

    I believe all software developers, including premium forum developers should make a trial version available for a test drive. One like Invision used to make, with a limited amount of members or posts before a license is required.
  4. Hazel

    Hazel Forum Fanatic

    That's an interesting take on things. In some ways, i'd agree with you. I've downloaded software of companies who would never ever make a customer out simply because I think they're software is ridiculously overpriced (Abobe are an important culprit here); I've also downloaded stuff that I liked so much that I decided to buy a box set DVD of. However, I still don't blame the companies for not liking it because, from their point of view, i'm losing them money.
  5. Gabriel

    Gabriel Carboyht

    Agreed. Piracy is indirectly caused by the developers indeed, but still so, when they make the product, you've the 'choice' to buy, try or to play it. If it's broken or there's a defect, you get a refund or exchange for the same title, and you didn't lose anything except 'trust'. One more thing, walmart was the distributor and this doesn't mean that the developer may be the fault of this defect, etc. Who knows walmart would resell it at another stall which no one knows of that walmarts own it. As you should know by now, this is how the world goes by.. Conspiracies, evil deeds, selfishness, greed, agoistic, etc

    Each and everyone of us have our own standpoints, therefore, heated debates, but still so, we try to refrain from hurting each other. That's the way, to most of you, good job with it and continue staying with that way.

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  6. TrixieTang

    TrixieTang Politically Incorrect

    I have to agree on piracy being caused by the developers in most cases, however, most forum softwares are more than worth their price. :p
  7. jono_marko

    jono_marko Confused

    I say if you know your going to be able to afford the software in the future you can buy it then. I do catch Talers point but this isn't life or death so the police point is kinda invalid though. Thre are alot of good free forums out there though so if you can't afford it just wait. Don't agree with the developers thing because i think you guys are taking it out of context though. IPB and VB got demo's IPB for 8 hrs VB for 24. Unless you want to run your community for a day I think you can get a very small taste of what the software has to offer. Also I think IPS involves IPB for you so you really shouldn't have any problems with them well vb is another story.

    About Piracy. Trinidad and Tobago is where Pirates of the Caribbean should have been filmed. Somehow I don't like people using illegal boards but I love bying burrned CD'S and DVD's. Hmmm pay $200+ for a original DVD when I can get the same quality for $10. Pay $100 up for an original CD when I can play 20 for a mix of my favourite tracks or albums. To give you an idea of how it is down here, the police did a raid and I think they said they saved the artists 10+ million dollars or some crap so.
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    CMOBOSS All About Da-Cookies.

    perfect example of the whole try before you buy, i just bought the latest nero box of goodies. . . . of course this is after a few months of using a hack. i recently formatted though and figured screw it, i'll go with the demo and then just buy the thing when my trial is up.

    So.. thanks nero, enjoy yer $90... now hurry up and send me my confirmation and links :p
  9. Brad

    Brad Meh

    I'll get to this in a second, first I'll respond to your other points:

    People like to throw this one around no matter what the subject (movies, music, software, games..list goes on). Why do we never see anything to back this up?

    Yes many people have pirated a product and later paid for it. But how many decided to keep using pirated copies? How many downloaded the file without ever intending to buy the real thing? How many are out there downloading it that claim they'll "never be able to afford it"?

    Not be able to afford it now is why most people turn to piracy in the first place and all this does is encourage them not to save a little money to obtain the same thing at a later date through legal means.

    Maybe...but again proof?

    You're targeting the wrong group here in my honest opinion. In my experience most "leaks" come from employees that have access to the files but don't make their wages directly from the sale of the product. In other words we're talking about guys that make the crap wages at the bottom of the chain.

    So what?

    Allowing you to exchange the game for a working copy is the whole point. Why should they allow you to exchange it for another game? It isn't Wal-Mart's fault that you didn't do some research before you spent your money on something that "sucked".

    See above.

    They allow you to exchange the game because if they sold you a "defective" product it's their reasonability to replace it. CD Key's are not Wal-Mart's problem. The publisher of the game (or whoever runs the servers) keeps up with which CD-Keys are begin used by multiple clients (pirates) and they make sure to block them.

    Most of them do in the form of a demo which is more than enough to get a good idea of how the software works. I know you're talking about a full-blown "time limited" version but that just doesn't work in the real world.

    Now getting back to this:

    Piracy hurts plenty of people every day.

    When people say thing like the above they always have the "big fish" in mind. In other words they're thinking things like "Downloading this MP3 isn't bad, this band is rich already", "Downloading Windows XP doesn't hurt Microsoft, they're rolling in cash".

    Who they don't consider is Joe Software Developer, whom just opened his own business and is selling his only product (some software for Windows) via the internet. Problem is somebody cracked it and put it up on thepiratebay. Joe's software is very popular and thousands of people are using it...it could even be the next big thing!

    Joe's only sold a handful of copies though...and soon supporting his clients is costing him more money than he's bringing in.

    Piracy hurts the little guy the most..and like always no one cares about the little guy.
  10. OrangeStu

    OrangeStu Fan

    Thats great to know, thanks!
  11. Adamantium

    Adamantium Enthusiast

    Great explanations, thank you for the education. :)
  12. Digital Phoenix

    Digital Phoenix Coffee Ninja

    copyrighting any internet software is a stain on humanity :bonk: especially if it allows the company to charge ridicules amounts of money. but what is My opinion in the great scheme of internet rip off's? I'm just the little guy :p this post is probably gonna irritate several people but there's not much I can do about that, my views of life are shaded in grey.
  13. Caleyjag

    Caleyjag Participant

    If they made it, surely they can decide they can charge for it? Like um... that's basically how an economy works isnt it?
  14. motokochan

    motokochan Habitué

    Depending on the country, any creation has an automatic copyright. Also, many of the most popular licenses for "free" (as in freedom, not cost) software are based in copyright law. Without it, those licenses probably wouldn't exist.

    The great thing about options is that you can choose which one you want. If you don't want to pay so much for something, you can find a lower-cost alternative. Don't like the cost of vBulletin or IPB? Try out SMF, phpBB, MyBB, etc.

    Using a nulled copy isn't just possibly dangerous (using something with a nice possible backdoor put in somewhere along the line), it also disrespects copyright law and the seller. Certainly, you would be upset if someone took something you placed value on it simply because they didn't feel it was worth paying for. Not only that, but you disrespect the foundation that gives us those wonderful licenses that free software (both freedom and no-cost) use.

    Yep. If you don't want to give it away, but would rather exchange it for something of value (currency in this case), you have that right. If others don't feel it has that much value, they aren't obligated to make the exchange. The maker keeps their creation and the other person keeps their object of value. If enough people do this, the maker might just decide to take lesser trades. It's a simple explanation, but it works well enough to demonstrate the concept.
  15. Baldilocks

    Baldilocks Fanatic

    Good points. I mean, would you go to work 8 hours a day for free?? I know I wouldn't.

    People have the right to be compensated for their work. Some just feel the need to "volunteer".
  16. greatsurvey

    greatsurvey Neophyte

    Useful to keep the people that are newer to the net or TAZ on the right side of the law and the community.
  17. homicide212

    homicide212 Aspirant

    aww, thats just awful lol, what a bunch of narks. but i agree with you guys as i haved used nulled ipb software in the past and cant stand nulled forum software due to the fact screwed up scrips and ect always getting errors. so i got a vb from a friend thats legal. yay.... I cant say i dont use cracked programs but its not internet stuff :rant:
  18. Mythotical

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    I am going to close this thread as this is stickied to be more of an answer thread instead of a discussion thread. I don't want to take a chance of piracy links or such being put into the discussion.
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