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Discussion in 'WoltLab Burning Board' started by tbofram, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. tbofram

    tbofram That cool member


    i have actually been quite absent with the Online community in all aspects.

    i used to promote WBB years ago whilst they were still quite new and i will admit i have lost touch with what made them great (in the eyes of the then 16 year old kid).

    does anyone actually use them on an established board and would you recommend i use their software instead of another?
  2. LeadCrow

    LeadCrow Apocalypse Admin

    Xenforo raised their costs for licences and renewals, so Woltlab is even more compelling for budget admins nowadays. Not a highlight specific to WBB but vendors everywhere kept raising prices over time and I suspect many reconsider it more favorably since fresh boards need to account for longterm survivability differently now that ads dont monetize back your investment as well as before.
  3. Splinter2

    Splinter2 Aspirant

    I paid $90 for WoltLab in December 2017 (still the same price, I believe), which is a one-off fee and am very happy with the software, albeit that XF probably has many more plugins and WoltLab is primarily German, but those considerations can easily be overcome.
    It's very robust software and has improved greatly, even during the time I've been using it, which isn't very long really.
    You can try a demo if you like.
  4. Jason5

    Jason5 Adherent

    I am planning to purchase this, as Xenforo renewal cost has increased and i am in a tight budget.
  5. cornnfedd

    cornnfedd Captain Futurama

    If cost isnt an issue then I would say xenforo every day of the week...
  6. Jason5

    Jason5 Adherent

    cornnfedd So you have experience with both the boards?
  7. MagicalAzareal

    MagicalAzareal Magical Developer

    I like how I put "woltlab burning board" into Google and the first thing that comes up is "woltlab burning board nulled"... That's at-least a sign that some people like it lol

    I presume that's the latest version.

    They added a trophy system, sitemaps, forums where only the topic starter can see the topics, notices are pushed to users when a moderation action related to one of their topics takes place, custom forum icons, contact forms, accelerated guest views, and other goodies.

    It looks more advanced than XenForo where it matters. Not bad for $90.
    I personally wouldn't buy it as I have unique needs however.

    I've seen it in the wild once, it was alright.

    Also, be very careful with AMP, even though it may make your site more visible on mobile search, it will change your URLs to something like www.google.com/amp/www.whateveryourdomainis.com and it can apparently be a pain to actually escape from the page onto the real site.
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  8. cornnfedd

    cornnfedd Captain Futurama

    Have not had anything to do with WBB for a long long time, I have used xenforo a few times, IPS and phpBB among others. So I would definitely say I am NO expert on WBB.
  9. Jason5

    Jason5 Adherent

    If price is not an issue I should go with Xenforo else Woltlab.

    I have personal experience with Xenforo and it was really good.

    Need to compare both and find my needs and make a decision. Thanks
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