What does your registration form look like?

Discussion in 'Community Organization' started by Tecca, Dec 27, 2015.

  1. Tecca

    Tecca Fan

    So we have the studies, it's been done plenty of times in the past: less registration fields nets you more conversions. Do you stick with your forum/CMS software's standard registration page, or do you style it and change things around to make it look appealing?

    I feel like the registration page is something that's highly overlooked when it comes to using software out-of-the-box. I'm interested to see how many of you have custom registration pages and what you've done to entice people to make that leap and sign up on your site.

    I'll start off with an image of my latest project, where I want as few fields and clicks as possible.

    The password field reveals a password toggle once the user starts typing in his password -- this will allow him to check to make sure the password is correct before continuing, if needed.

    How about you? Do you customize your registration page, and if not -- why not?
  2. ozzy47

    ozzy47 Tazmanian Veteran

    Mine is pretty much the default vB registration page, but it has no captcha's, puzzles or silly questions to answer to join.
  3. Anton Chigurh

    Anton Chigurh Ultimate Badass

    Yep no questions, puzzles, captchas, no visible human verify at all.

    Your register form as you show it here is perfectly okay though. Neat, clean and only one little game.
  4. smirkley

    smirkley ID'mazing

    No image grab, but if you click here, you will note I dont have a registration page.

    Just a simple banner on every page with two form fields and one submit button. No spammers either.
  5. Empire

    Empire Devotee

    Nice forum, I like the mug too haha you better send me one of those :p.

    I will join your forum and be active member I like it.
  6. ozzy47

    ozzy47 Tazmanian Veteran

    What does your registration form look like?
  7. linuxvorpal

    linuxvorpal Neophyte


    I really like that idea. I'm just starting up my forum and one of the things I was gnawing on was site registration. Since my target members are linux users, we tend to do a lot of signing up for for many websites and I personally HATE having large registration forms.

    In your registration, do you moderate new member signups or is it straight through? How do you (help) prevent spammers from signing up and doing their thing?
  8. smirkley

    smirkley ID'mazing

    Initial member group has limitations on first 5 posts. Plus disabled spammer focused areas in profiles like home pages links.

    Spammers know vb too well. So I have the regular reg page disabled and rely solely on bop5 fast registration mod. Plus renamed the registration page. Most spammers cant figure their way past it and move on. It has worked very well. Bots cant get past it.

    Real people just need an email and a username, and a random password is emailed to them.

    It is so easy, and that in of itself is confusing to a bot or human spammer.
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  9. Empire

    Empire Devotee

    Had to zoom out to get full shot of it. TeccaTecca 's one looks more user friendly and 100 x better.

    I might add graphics in future to make it more visually appealing and friendly. In what other way can I make mine simpler?

  10. Shawn Gossman

    Shawn Gossman Tazmanian Master

    My registration is the default XenForo page with 1 security question. The security question is directly related to my niche. It asks what the W means in NWS. NWS is the National Weather Service. The question is simple for those in my niche and it does the job in preventing spam for the most part. My goal is to keep the registration page as simple as possible.
  11. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Opinionated ass-hat

    Just the standard Burning Board one... but there are terms/rules that you have to accept before you get to it.
    Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.50.38 PM.png
    The motorcycle one is more extensive (on XenForo) due to it also needing fields selected for certain user group joins.
  12. marcgo15

    marcgo15 Adherent

    At the moment it's the default MyBB registration form. I do plan on getting rid of all the useless stuff though.
  13. I admit, my registration pages are way more complex than they may need to be. But my software has a 'tradition' of being too easy for spammers and bots to get through. But the Fconnect and recaptcha 'I am not a robot' look like things to be looked into.
  14. PoetJC

    PoetJC ♠ Jacquii: Black Kween of Hearts ♠

    I generally use the default registration page, with very minimal, if any at all, customization.
    One of the few times I've augmented the user registration templates is in vB 3.x where your users have to load multiple pages in order to complete registration. I usually augment the form so that it is a one-page functionality deal.

    Otherwise = Nothing wrong with scripts' default registration settings if you ask me.

  15. ozzy47

    ozzy47 Tazmanian Veteran

    Here is a SS of my registration page.

    ozz reg page.png

    No hoops for users to jump through to register.
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