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Discussion in 'Increasing Traffic' started by mcuico, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. mcuico

    mcuico Aspirant

    Currently my site has been up for a month and so far I have barely 200 views on the site :( . What do I need to do to promote my site and have people come in and possibly register for my site. The website is www.dulvani.com
  2. wizard1974uk

    wizard1974uk Tazmanian Gremlin

    I see it's a wordpress blog.

    Have you checked this setting:

    Settings > Privacy

    Make sure it's set to "Allow search engines to index this site".

    How are you advertising your site?
  3. celeopatra

    celeopatra Aspirant

    i'm facing the same proplem..and one of the members told me to link my forum to this forum..and anther member told me to go to facebook groups and try to tell them about my forum
  4. PWO

    PWO Enthusiast

    Just keep plugging away. A month is a very new website.
  5. mcuico

    mcuico Aspirant

    well as of right now I'm just telling friends about it which is all I basically I can do because I have no idea how to even start to advertise. Not to mention I have very limited amount of funds to spend on this so I don't know what other options I have in advertising.
  6. mcuico

    mcuico Aspirant

    how else could i advertise though besides posting my website on forums, making a facebook page, making a twitter, telling people about it. Is there any way to bring in a good amount of traffic just to get somewhat known? and what should I pitch out to the crowd in order to catch their attention?
  7. Anathema_Sit

    Anathema_Sit Enthusiast

    I would make a page on Facebook about it.

    It's going slow for me, you are doing pretty good for your first month. Keep at it and don't get discouraged.
  8. Wayne Luke

    Wayne Luke Tazmanian

    How does the keyword in your domain name tie into the content on your site. I've never heard of dulvani before. If you're going to use a made up word for your domain name then you need to build a brand. This is either time consuming or costly. Or if the brand is really obscure, time consuming and costly.

    Build your content, build your brand. Give your existing members incentive to spread the word about your site. The post above is correct in that Social Networking is good to build traffic. The best social network is your network. Friends, Family, Associates. Get them to join and spread the word to their networks.
  9. milina788

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    If your website is a month old then it is very less time to be more popular. Your traffic can be increased through proper optimization of your website because most of the traffic comes from the search engines due to the fact that search engines like Google have millions of search daily and if your website gets top ranking in specific keywords then definitely your website will get huge number of hits. After that you can go for the social media because these website are second largest visitors holding websites.
  10. zimo

    zimo Aspirant

    If you're not using Reddit I would suggesting posting all your new stuff there. If you use the site properly you should get 50-100 views per posting.
  11. mcuico

    mcuico Aspirant

    thanks so much I didn't know that at all! I'll start posting there as well.
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