What could get a moderator and administrator fired on your forum?

Discussion in 'Members & Staff' started by marcus903, Feb 16, 2013.

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    As with many court hearings or arguments of racial nature, it must be proved within a court of law that it was intended to be used in that nature, as with many laws in any country, if i state the word "gollywog", the court must be prepared to find out of i meant it in relation to a rag-doll from the 1970's to be racial slur towards said parties.

    There is a fine line between usage of words and proceedings in court are there to remove that doubt and find the truth, If all usage of a particular word was illegal then it would mean the removal at a grand scale which will never happen.

    This reminds of the days moderating MSN chat were the word "iyot" got you automatically kicked, but i never knew what the word meant at the time but i'd imagine it was perhaps insulting in some country, not so much illegal though.
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    Yup,and once someone is labeled that way,there is no way to prove someone is innocent. Which imho isn't right. in the court system people are innocent into proven guilty,too bad it doesn't apply online. And plus troll nowadays refers to someone who posts something that a person doesn't agree with. When i feel what should be considered trolling is the stuff from Encyclopedia Dramatica,something awful or /b/
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