What are the tried and tested ways to Promote your Forum online?

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    Growing an audience for a forum is not as simple as it seems. After all, your forum is just a tiny particle in the internet galaxy. Relying on word of mouth is just not enough to bring in the numbers. First, the forum owner needs to know exactly who their audience is and where they are present on the internet. Then they need to pitch their forum to these users and invite them to their forum. Before going out there into the internet world to promote your forum, it is important to have a small community of members who are active participants. Only then will the visitors to the forum see value and even think about giving it a try.

    Here are 10 tried and tested ways to promote your internet forum for maximum exposure.

    # Forum Contests

    A great way to get more users to try out your forum is to conduct a contest for your existing users. Ask them to invite the maximum number of users and they get to win merchandise, special access or gift cards. Organize and promote it well and you get loads of new users.

    # Facebook Groups

    Facebook groups can be leveraged to channel users to your forum. Facebook groups is a great way to build an audience quickly. Start multiple groups around different subtopics from your domain, get the group running and then get them to visit the forum.

    # Cross Promotion

    These are numerous forums that are in your domain but don't clash with the topics your forum is known for. You can get in touch with the owners of these forums and talk about link exchanges. You promote their forum on your forum and vice versa. Both get SEO benefit and new users.

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    Why not just post the entire content to begin with (or better still give the link initially especially if you didn't author the material)? I don't understand why you would ask people to reply to get the complete article. :er_what_Pigeon:
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    Am I crazy or did I already see this thread?
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    You may have seen a different post, looks similar, but the focus is completely different.!
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    The other thread, in which the OP asked for people to reply before giving the complete information, was very similar, but not identical to this. :)
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    A couple more ways I didnt see listed.

    - offer hosting to notable projects/developpers, with dedicaced sections on your central forum. No maintainance necessary, sharing your users, its a win-win strategy for webmaster aiming to make their forum the online hangout of multiple communities growing into a single one.

    - run a news watch. Your mainpage prominently featuring a listing of industry news will secure recurrent visitors. Better curation or presentation of that frontpage can do wonders even for new forums, as youll need a steady supply of discussion material.
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