What am I doing wrong!

Discussion in 'Increasing Traffic' started by SirTalksalot, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. SirTalksalot

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    Hi all,

    I'm sure I'm not the first person to go off on a rant about their forum not perfoming, but I really am boggled as to what I'm doing wrong. I've bent over backwards to take all sorts of advice from all sorts of people, and tried to refine my site to something which people generally approve of.

    I've tirelessly tried to built up a healthy amount of links to my site, I've chopped and changed the forum to make it as accessable as possible. I've tried advertising, viral marketing, everything! And still rarely do all my efforts reward me with even one new member! I have about 8 regular posters, out of 230+ members.

    I'm at a loss, I can only think that maybe it's down to the forum software itseld, and that it is somehow holding me back. I do actually want to move to VB, but there is no conversion software available.

    So I'm throwing it open to everyone, what am I doing wrong? It's probably right in front of me and I can't see the wood for the trees. :rant2:
  2. mojo

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    Well, you can definately do more with vBulletin. If there is not conversion available, I would build an email list of the active members you have, let them know you plan on going to a new software, kill your current forum, and start from scratch.

    Open up under vB, add the active users back into your new forum, and go from there. It sucks to start over, but it is best to do it now if you are going to.

    Once you get vBulletin up and running, I would look into a few hacks.
    • My first hack would be the Ted S. hack that gives you the welcome headers
    • Second would be the Commbull (community bulletin) so you can send out very cool weekly newsletter that provides perfect links right back into your forums, while at the same time reminding those who have registered to come back.
    From there, you can add what you want, or add nothing at all. After that, simply stay very active in your forum, and work on SEO to get ranked for some searched keywords/phrases.
  3. phoenixdown21

    phoenixdown21 The Man with the Plan

    Ya know, you seem to have a solid start on a site there and I'm suprised that its not panning out.

    Changing software can help but its not the holy grail. You may want to try emailing those users who aren't visiting but have registered to see

    - how they found you
    - why they registered
    - what they liked
    - what they didn't like
    - etc
  4. Teknomancer

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    230 members and you're doing bad? Hehe, my forum is 3 months old has just 32 members and just 1000+ posts.... It's me that should be ranting :( Oh and I've pretty much done everything expect paid adverstising as well.

    Cheer up :D
  5. SirTalksalot

    SirTalksalot Aspirant

    230 members I may have, but when only 8 of them post, it's not good. I don't think starting again with VB is an option, that would mean every one of my members would have to re-register. That would really reflect how inactive my forum is. I'm really pestering VB's admins to give a YaBB convertor some serious consideration.

    I know a lot of my early problems were the forum software, which become obsolete, but the updates have fixed all that. It's odd though, when my forum was a shambles and my site pages looked like they'd been designed by a toddler, I got far more people joining.

    Does anyone think the fact that my switching to an American Server could have an effect in any way?
  6. mightyb

    mightyb Amaizingnistrator

    If its the forum in your signature i waited for around 20 seconds for it to load and then gave up. Is your server overloaded?
  7. STS

    STS Enthusiast

    Well, honestly if you have eight strong posters, most likely they will re-register and start over. If the others aren't posting, then opening a new board really shouldn't make a huge difference. In fact, if you do message people with your intentions it might inspire them to come check out the new forum and consider posting again.

    Best wishes in whatever you decide to do.
  8. techkid

    techkid Enthusiast

    Even worse with my board:
    Threads: 42, Posts: 94, Members: 24
    Open for just over a month and a half. We run vBulletin. I have done everything except paid advertising too.
  9. mightyb

    mightyb Amaizingnistrator

    Id hire some posters and make them post around 5000 posts to make your forum look active.
  10. TheAfterglow

    TheAfterglow Fan

    It's cheaper to get a group of friends and make the 5000 posts yourself.
  11. balusbox

    balusbox Participant

    I always discover new boards when something interesting gets linked from them - one of those posts that gets circulated around the forum sphere. When I build my forum, I'm thinking I'll need to start an interesting post - have a member take some interesting photos or someting unique or funny, and get it circulated around. People want to join a community that has interesting and new content.

    Any way you could do something like that? Get something really interesting started...
  12. venus

    venus Participant

    I feel the same way. We're going to try TedS' hack and I hope that helps!
  13. unome

    unome Aspirant

    I Think There is a easy upgrade path from Yabb to SMF wich might be worth a look,
    Ive been running SMF on my forum (www.superbikeforums.co.uk) wich I opened in sept 05, and have found it realy impresive
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