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Discussion in 'Managing an Online Community' started by d8tabyte, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. d8tabyte

    d8tabyte Habitué

    I run a detroit sports website and while the site is blowing up (almost 500,000 page views last month) I can not get anyone in the forums to interact - I have the site tied together so that there is one login for the whole site - interlacing JomSocial for the social network and vbulletin for the community forums.

    I have some feeds that I import just to maintain some activity, and we have a few active participants, but over all I am finding it hard to get my users to move from Facebook (we have over 14000 fans) to the site to discuss.

    Here is the site




    Anyone have any suggestions for coaxing my users from facebook to the forums and Jomsocial?
  2. TheChiro

    TheChiro Devotee

    You can work on the users psychology. Set up a good reputation system, maybe some interesting user ranks/titles, and possibly an awards system.

    I'd also look into a betting system that people can bet on games with points they earn on the site and then list the richest people on your site. Stuff like that, most people gobble up. Just user psychology to your advantage.
  3. Raymond

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    Websites like news websites etc.. usually don't grab a lot of users as your viewers seem to just view your topics and news you place. Even big named magazine companies communities are not very active, The goal behind turning this around is to figure out ways to interact without using forums etc.. maybe a more meaningful website where if someone comments they get "points" or something be unique.
  4. andresc2

    andresc2 Enthusiast

    yeah personally in my website i get a lot of visits but the forum is almost dead i am the only one keeping it alive.
  5. profanitytalker

    profanitytalker Participant

    As already stated by the other members, you need an incentive program that get's users addicted to your forum and keep coming back and generating content. Example, when a user reaches a certain number of post, give them a different color username. It worked for my forum.
  6. d8tabyte

    d8tabyte Habitué

    Well I do have vbookie that will go live next week with the football season, and I have jom social which is basically a social network, and the arcade in the forums... I'll just have to amp up the promotions of those features I guess.
  7. MisterPersonality

    MisterPersonality Shut up and run!

    With Facebook, everyone likes everything. Maybe you should start a contest where users decide when a sports team will win... Start controversy that'll get users typing...

    With TAZ, we have the Exchange group... Some of our users may be fans of some of the Michigan teams- in turn, you all can exchange posts.
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