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Discussion in 'Wordpress' started by marvchristensen, Oct 25, 2015.

Should we change the front page slides?

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  1. marvchristensen

    marvchristensen Neophyte

    I have just finished working on a website for a Las Vegas Urologist. Everything is o.k. it's been paid for and the client is stoked on the design. He is insistent on having that silly stock photo right on the front page. There is a picture on a golfer and and people jumping around happy with the phrase "Kidney Stones". I am under the impression this should be changed. Any opinion or advice would be appreciated. I think he is afraid to use his real picture?
  2. zappaDPJ

    zappaDPJ Administrator

    I think positive images tend to work best with sites of this nature. I have a dental practitioner close to me whose visible high street presence is plastered with images of rotting teeth and gum disease. He might be the worlds' best dentist but I find his promotional imagery really off-putting.

    In this case you have the practitioner's image on his bio page which I feel is where it should be. It helps create a feeling of integrity. I wouldn't put it on the landing page though, I think it's fine where it is. The stock images you do have there are positive and professional but I don't think they are all necessarily appropriate for the services being advertised, particularly the overactive bladder/kidney stones sliders.

    Obviously you don't want pictures of kidney stones etc but I might consider adding something a little closer to home such an image of his office front for example, assuming it's photogenic. Having said that, if your client is happy, perhaps you consider it a job well done :)
  3. Alundra

    Alundra SMF Friend

    The images in the slider are okay, and he's got his picture in the footer....not sure what the issue is?
  4. PoetJC

    PoetJC ⚧ Jacquii: Black Kween of TSSN ⚧

    I think the OP is suggesting the Doctor may think he's too ugly to go on the frontpage? IDK - but if that is the case - I'd definitely disagree. The doctor is not my definition of gorgeous by any stretch of the imagination. But he's certainly not ugly.

    As for the slider images - I think they look great onsite. There are some things I'd change as for formatting - but you've done a nice job with the site marvchristensen

  5. Alundra

    Alundra SMF Friend

    Well his face shouldn't be in the slider and that's where those golfers either the problem has been fixed, or he has trouble explaining (or I have trouble understanding, or worse, both! ha ha).

    Yeah I agree it looks really good, I'd make some small changes too but nothing major :).
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