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Discussion in 'Hosting Discussions' started by aeromit, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. aeromit

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    I remember that "web hosting" was one of the most popular "search terms" 4 years ago. Today anyone offers hosting - from free image galleries and file hosting servers to Google and Amazon.

    The results is that people do not search on "web hosting" anymore. And the number of web sites indexed in Google on these keywords dropped with millions. Did you see that?
  2. Nimda

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    I didn't know that web hosting was one of the most popular search terms 4 years ago? For me, web hosting is one of the hardest and most competitive search phrases in the history of SEO.
  3. AirborneKim

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    It's not that web hosting isn't as popular, it's that now, 4 years later, there are more varieties of web hosting services available.

    Services available far supersede shared and reseller hosting. Dedicated Server pricing has dropped, VPS has became more popular and various other services have arisen.

    That said, basic searches for web hosting may have dropped, however, searches for terms spawning from web hosting have risen (i.e. dedicated servers, virtual private servers, vps and so forth).

    As technology grows, so will the varieties of hosting made available to the public.
  4. aeromit

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    Well, not too much for some companies and website that reached top listings having their links on a few thousands of WordPress and other kind of website templates... I don;t like this way ofdoing SEO... but it works.
  5. motokochan

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    I wouldn't so much as say that more varieties are available as much as the general public has gotten more familiar with the different types of hosting and look up more specialized terms.

    Anyway, although anyone can really be a "host", being a good host is still special as they are actually now more difficult to find.

    And it will come back and bite them later on. Black Hat SEO works for a time, until penalties get issued for those practices.
  6. karmapolice

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    I think things have changed in the respect that more applications appearesd and now people loook for more specific features like "ASP.Net hosting" or "Cold fusion hosting" , so the web hosting sites pages are optimized for more specific terms now.
  7. arhovarius

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    And it means much.
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