WARNING XF 2.1.X could be a hazard to your health

Discussion in 'XenForo' started by Bionic Rooster, Nov 24, 2018.

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    I really can comprehend your side and I'm glad that Chris fixed this issue.

    For most of the people who don't have side effects is a no issue, but, there is some people who have this kind of problems. Nothing more fare than setting a option to turn off the default on.

    Glad to see the problem is gone.

    Is part of human nature: help others and have empathy for others. Is what's Jesus said.
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    We don't understand what causes migraines. Few years back leading theory was blood circulation problems. These days leading theories are pathological neural reaction to hormone or insulin spikes.

    Blurring backtrop on itself may not be migraine inducing. But it may cause anxiety in migraine sufferer, and this anxiety may cause hormone spike, inducing a migraine. Somebody here mentioned perfume. That perfume smell may in itself not be causing migraine, but because migraine is such dreadful experience*, sudden anxiety of migrain may do it.

    I am on hormone spike bandwagon myself. I can correlate every single migraine I've suffered over last 3 years with either sudden anger, or long period of living under great stress.

    * As a little rant, I would love to let people experience what migraine is, see them try to function normally when half of their body is numb, trying to walk home with vision not only greatly reduced but also obstructed by blind spot, with deafening buzz in your ears, pain that makes you want to gouge your eye out, neural debilitation that makes it impossible to understand words you are seeing, type anything on keyboard, or even talk right, with your brain going "you appear to be poisoned, you must vomit!". Spend 12 hours like that and then tell me "its just a headache". If you suffered stroke, experience is very similiar, but luckily brain makes full recovery in 2 to 4 days after migraine ends.
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    One cause is related to anemia, esp your ferritin levels which most doctors do not bother testing. But ferritin is your iron savings account and if that is tanking, the others aren’t far behind.
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