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Discussion in 'vBulletin' started by Lpspider, Dec 14, 2005.

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    Okay, I just purchased my first vbulletin liscense... haven't set it up yet, but I would like to know any and all recommendations and such for a beginning vbulletin webmaster.

    what plugins/hacks would you recommend, and how can I get strong, effective SEO?

    Any general comments would be appreciated.
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    Sign up at vBulletin.org (with an e-mail address you use at vBulletin.com to verify your licensure to see the downloads) and check out the loads of plugins/products to check out. Modifications not related to search engine optimization are hard to suggest because it really pertains to the individual's forum.

    For SEO, I would use Daniweb's mod_rewrite tutorial, even though it is somewhat difficult to get configured.

    Products I use
    • Members who have visited the forum
    • Strike Through Closed Threads
    • uCash (uStore not yet out)
    • v3 Arcade
    • vBookie
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    The first thing is to welcome you to the vB family :) Before you do anything else I would learn how to backup the database, and if you're going to customize the skin, learn how to back those up as well. You can also ask your coding questions HERE, as Keith is very helpful ;) Also be patient with yourself. vB has a lot in it and you're simply not going to learn it all in a week or a month. Check out vB's documentation at their site. It's not an end-all manual but it will get you started on the right track. Once you're a member of vb.org you'll have all the bases covered forum wise for the top three, vb.com, vb.org and of course TAZ :D

    Then just ask a lot of questions :tiphat:
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