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  1. Kathy

    Kathy Tazmanian Veteran

    vBulletin fan web site (vbulletin.nl) is a place where vBulletin fans come together in an open community.

    It offers various topics that go from every day chit chats about music, movies and what not, to specific vBulletin related conversations. Indepth articles, interviews, guides and keeping track of the latest news are part of the vital community of vBulletin.nl.

    Enjoying popularity are forums for vBulletin Resources where regular members can share their code and template mods, graphics, styles, designs, Internet, computers & webhosting talks, and a secret forum called "The Underground".

    First launched as Creations.nl in 2001 as a general chit chat forum, the community slowly grew into a more specific direction at the first public introduction of version 3 of vBulletin on June 15th 2003. Creations.nl was merged into vBulletin.nl using the great vBulletin ImpEx software by Jerry.

    Using community software of vBulletin (of course!), vBulletin.nl is enhanced with the additional who's online pages installed to avoid 'unknown location' to appear. Additional code changes are installed to track attachment downloads and proxy bouncers. Finally a default vBulletin .php file was altered to fit specific needs with the addition of a few templates. The results are a custom frontpage.php, chat.php and style.php (etc) to power the whole web site by vBulletin (the way it should be). For chat.php the great vBxIRC chat addon has been used.

    Site demographics are male/female balanced at 60/40 with ages from 12 to 75 with 3,725 registrations total. They have created over 6,300+ threads with more then 70,000 post replies. Members come from every part of the world. There are vBulletin fans everywhere!

    "We are putting together a new competition where users with a community can participate (be it an UBB, WBB, IPB or phpBB or vBulletin powered community) and have our registered members vote best community of the year." According to vBulletin.nl administrator, "The winners will be announced at the end of this year and will win a free vBulletin software license or product, a free vBulletin.nl Professional Style Package, 5.000 Karma points and access to our private forums and vBulletin resources. We will soon announce the full details on our web site."

    The staff consists of Administrators Floris,mf, Martin and Finch. Super moderators Hobbierz (content manager and moderator), Daniel P (irc manager and moderator), Daniel C (underground manager and moderator), cabber (backup (objective) moderator) and Tony (introduction (user) manager and moderator).

    vBulletin.nl is a non-profit, hobby- web site powered by vBulletin and a sponsor. The vBulletin license was won in a competition on another web site. Because hosting is provided, revenue is not really needed however the revenue that is gained is through selling one vBulletin style package created by Floris, and placing a unique advertisement position for a few of my friends who also sell vBulletin styles. The money is used to renew the license status, to invest in additional software, the cover any costs that come up, or invested back into the site in the form of competitions.

    Owner/Admin of vBulletin.nl is Floris Fiedeldij Dop who is 27 years old (born 21st of January, 1977) and lives in the Netherlands with his wife Martine and their cat. Floris works for Jelsoft.com. "All you need to know about me is that I like vBulletin."

    "When I wake up I turn on the console and check out new messages, I go through priority email and see what requires to be done for that moment. When that is done I go through private messages and process style purchases. After which I go through new threads on the forum and then the new post replies. I check my todo list and try to pick something out that I need to do and when that is done, I will update it. I try to talk to my staff and see if something needs to be discussed. Find out who is active, who is off-line and why and if there are any disputes that might need attention.

    "What I enjoy about being the administrator is that I can learn so much from the advice from other staff members, our forum members and what I see occur or presented on other web sites. Slowly our site grows and so does our fun. It never gets boring. The satisfaction of people still being provoked to register after browsing around; Or seeing more newcomers turn into regulars and nobody feeling shy to ask a question and our staff handling everybody professionally are all elements that makes it worth to work hard on our small community to hopefully keep it growing.

    "Why do sites always consider to be competition of each other? I wish I knew, I see fellow sites as friends and collegues and each time it comes as a suprise when people give me the impression that they have to choose between one site or the other, because they appear to be competition of eachother. What is wrong with working together or being on the same pace?"

    Congrats to Floris and the entire staff of vBulletin.nl for being selected as Featured Forums for October 1. May your fans increase!
  2. floris

    floris Habitué

    That is very cool - thank you for picking out our community!
  3. Brilliant Floris... well done. You indeed do run an excellent site there...:)
  4. The Sandman

    The Sandman Administrator

    Congratulations Floris!
  5. AnotherPar

    AnotherPar Participant

    Great Work and Congratulations Floris!
  6. Dan

    Dan Aspirant

    Thank you TAZ for selecting us at vB.nl for your Featured forum for October :)
  7. Lord Brar

    Lord Brar Marketing Mafia Boss!

    Congrats Floris.... :D
  8. Daniel P

    Daniel P Neophyte

    We thank the TAZ community very much for selecting vBulletin.nl to be the Featured Forum for October!
  9. Hobbes

    Hobbes Neophyte

    Much thanks to The Admin Zone for choosing www.vbulletin.nl.com for the Featured Forum of October , :)
  10. Sn2

    Sn2 Neophyte

    Thanks go out to those that chose vBulletin.nl as the Featured Forum for October! :D
  11. floris

    floris Habitué

    Hobbes, if you are vbulletin.nl staff, start to learn how to type it right LMAO
  12. Techguy

    Techguy Who am I?

    Congratulations to floris and the rest of the vb.nl team! :D
  13. Demosthenes

    Demosthenes Resident Mancunian

    Lovely site, great design and great staff- well deserved, well done.
  14. MrBrian

    MrBrian Enthusiast

    Congratulations to vBnl for being chosen as the Featured forum for October! :tup:

    Thumbs up floris!
  15. Cardene

    Cardene Adherent

    Congrats Floris!

    I knew you would win this award eventually... :queen:
  16. Lugh

    Lugh Habitué

    Yep, figured this would happen sometime. Great site Floris et al, well done :)
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