VBulletin 5 vs comparable software

Discussion in 'Forum Software Development' started by torquewrench, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. torquewrench

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  2. Digital Phoenix

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    hogwash... Google does not favor one software over another.
  3. zappaDPJ

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    The thread you've linked is actually a good example of why XenForo is head and shoulders above most of the competition. Two staff members including a developer have taken the OPs concerns seriously and there's a proper dialogue occurring between the company and the customer.

    Had the same post been made in vBulletin's forum at best the OP would have been told to enter it into their tracker where you can be 99.99% sure it would have sunk without trace.

    I have had a lot of experience with both vBulletin (3&4) and XenForo and I'd say there's very little to choose between them as far as Google search listings are concerned.
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  4. Deimos

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    Even if it had the most number of votes, too. ;)
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  5. Sherrie

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    Towards the end of my time using vB4 my users weren't able to post properly, it was putting everyone off because it was getting so frustrating and on vB I just got no help, my support thread went unanswered. The closest to help I got was here by Joe telling me that the next beta that will come out one day in the future should fix it. The problem got worse the longer it went on so in the end I fixed it myself by migrating. There's just nothing good about vbulletin software in my eyes.
  6. Kevin

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    Change is definitely hard. Personally I was a vB customer going back to 2004 and making the decision to switch software was a hard decision. I actually got to the point of being so tired of vB's excuses, inactions, and bungling of new releases (vB4 at the time) that I was ready to just step away from forums. Switching software to a new platform ended up making it enjoyable for me again. The new forum eco-system I chose felt more like the 'old vB days' and, even though there were learning curves, as a forum hobbyist (enthusiast?) I don't regret switching at all.

    Of the three sites you listed as being part of your inspiration for liking vB, two of them, including one owned by the same parent company that owns vB itself, are still running vB 3.x and the other is vB 4.x -- I think that kind of says more about where you should be looking in regards to future plans for your own site versus anything else. Assuming that you are a member at some or all of those sites, ask their admins what their plans are in regards to vB5 and their answers may provide some insight.
  7. HallofFamer

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    Well you should stick to VB5 my friend. It is the world's leading forum software, you cant get anything wrong with that. Just buy the license now, and you will not regret it. ^^
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