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  1. Flashgear

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    I'm interested in buying vBseo for my new design forum, but not sure if it will have a good affect on it, are there any specific forums that vBseo will not help?
  2. Hayek

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    If you are targeting search engine traffic, then the forum subject really won't matter in terms of the affect vBseo has on it. That being said, if you know enough about SEO and have the time to work at it, you may also be able to optimize your forum without spending the $200.
  3. PoetJC

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    Actually the cost of vBSEO license is $149... And yes - One might save the $149 cost of vBSEO - but will have to invest much personal time via implementing SEO & link-building strategies, which IMO is not for the faint of heart and/or the hobbiest Administrator :)

    vBSEO is definitely worth the price. It's an excellent software and the best software available in optimizing your vBulletin for SEO - I'd recommend it 99% of the time - the 1% of time I wouldn't recommend it is if you have a forum with a large amount of private forums. Some people do make the mistake of installing vBSEO when most of their forums are not open to the public, but rather, to members only.

    That defeats the purpose, as the concept behind vBSEO is to allow a greater targetting/indexing of your content by search engines. Search engines view your forum as guests. So imagine you have 30 subforums and 29 of them are private. The search engines would see only 1 forum. The indexing of only one viewable forum -- unless it's an article forum or some such with tons of relevant content and many posts -- would generally be useless.

    Anyway - it's a good software - I highly recommend it. Also - if you're looking at the vB 4.0 rewrites and thinking, "No need for vBSEO. vBulletin 4.0 already does all that vBSEO does..." Check out the vBSEO feature comparison Matrix

    Let me know if interested and I can have you click on my affiliate link when you purchase :p hahahaha


  4. BrandonSheley

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    If money is an issue, it might be good to try out the new 4.0 seo url's for a few months.
    I wouldn't start a site without vbseo, but just tossing that out there. :)
  5. Blind Bandit

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    Its been proven that Rewritten links do no good for SEO.

    I wouldn't waste that much money on a rather unneeded product. There are a lot better things to do with that money.
  6. Flashgear

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    Money isn't the issue, ive just recently upgraded to 4.0, so i will see how it goes.
  7. Adam H

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    VBSEO isnt just about Keyword URL's if that was the case then everyone would have been using Zoints instead.

    As a fan and multiple user of vbSEO and also one that changed to vbseo on an already established forum, ive found that its well worth it. Ive seen my site go from 700 uniques per day into 2000 unqiues per day with in 6 weeks of installing vbseo , granted this was 2 years ago and there was other things to consider like our external SEO efforts but i firmly believe that it helped along the way.

    My 2 cents
  8. Lycaon

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    There's no free version of vBSEO. Or none that I know of anyway.
  9. ChopSuey

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  10. punchbowl

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    If vb wasn't so bad out of the box for seo - vbseo wouldn't exist.
  11. BrandonSheley

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    have you looked at the latest vbulletin (4.x)
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