vbSEO - Who's using it, what's the scoop?

Discussion in 'Forum SEO' started by NICOCLUBcom, May 30, 2006.

  1. NICOCLUBcom

    NICOCLUBcom Nissan / Infiniti guru

    Is it worth a damn? Is it effectie? Any downsides?

    Obviously, I don't use vB, but I'm curious as to whether it's worth switching to vB to use, or if I can write a similar hack for my software...
  2. WoodiE55

    WoodiE55 Enthusiast

    I too would be interested in hearing if anyone has see any noticable difference from before and after they've started using vbSEO.

  3. michaelbenson

    michaelbenson Enthusiast

    I'd recommend checking out the vBSEO Reviews forum, which contains numerous case studies and positive reviews of how vBSEO has helped improved general search engine indexation and advertising revenue.
  4. ForumFavor

    ForumFavor Aspirant

    I hated it. I had it on one of my forums that I sold. I was using a free SEO mod and it worked fairly well. I got sever hundred pages indexed in Google. I decided to go with the big daddy and get vBSEO hoping it would help even more, but it didn't. After a few days, all the links that were already indexed changed over to the vBSEO format, but that's about all it did. For all I know those pages would have be indexed without any SEO mods at all, but I don't plan on getting it again. I used DC SEO with a few adjustments and I was happy with it.

    Another thing I hated about vBSEO is it uses mod_rewrite to rewrite every single page. Anything like vBookie that adds vbookie.php or vbBux that adds vbbux.php get messed up because those scripts also get mod_rewrite applied to it. It took a lot of work working with the htaccess files to get everything I wanted. I would usually have to rename that file to something else, install the mod, and then rename it back to htaccess so the forum would work and then try to fix the rules so that one file would not be redirected. I used mod_rewrite before and was going to do the no rewrite to each file, but even that didn't work. You have to find the write spot to put every rule or everything breaks. I'd save the money for advertising or something and just get a free SEO mod. It would probably save you a lot of headaches, too.
  5. Odyssey

    Odyssey Enthusiast

    Of course it contains positive reviews, it is their own website.

    People on late night infomercials all say they make $100,000/month working from home after buying some books and tapes for 3 easy payments of $39.99, but that doesn't make it true.
  6. Jeff

    Jeff Adherent

    I use it at BigBlueBall and I like it. I started out the the "roll-your-own" mod_rewrite I picked up from Daniweb, and moved to VBSEO back on Jan. 15th of this year.

    I think that SEO-friendly URLs are a good thing. I don't think that VBSEO was necessarily "better" for my ranking than the SEO hack I used before, but it is MUCH easier to administer and make changes to. I can adjust keywords and other settings entirely through the admin interface -- no code tweaks required.
  7. Kathy

    Kathy Tazmanian Veteran

    Its encrypted and no way of knowing what info it sends back to the mothership. I wouldn't let it touch my sites.
  8. hari

    hari Tazmanian

    What about the basic archive of vBulletin? I think that's as effective, if not more effective than the mod_rewrite thing.

    A lot of search engine results I've seen throw up archive pages from vBulletin rather than the full version. The archive, being lighter, gets indexed more efficiently too.

    The important thing is to have the content first which will get indexed. The rest is not so important. I think static URLs are highly overrated in terms of SEO. The way the page is laid out/organized and formatted and the number of incoming links is much more important.

    SEO is only a very minor part of the puzzle - once you've done all the other things necessary to make your community grow. Wasting a lot of time in SEO will result in the law of diminishing marginal returns coming into play.
    Last edited: May 30, 2006
  9. michaelbenson

    michaelbenson Enthusiast

    That is irrelevant. The forum is compiled entirely of members who have posted on their own accord the results which vBSEO has introduced to their forums general indexation and revenue increases. Just because the URL i referenced was a vBSEO Official Support forum, doesnt neccessary mean every single vBSEO Review is null and void, moreso that you are finding the most relevant information on how vBSEO performs not only as a product but as a community and support network too.
  10. mightyb

    mightyb Amaizingnistrator

    I heard a lot of bad things about VBseo. It works for some, it makes things worse for others. I would not risk it personally. Even if it was free. Get a sitemap mod on vb.org site and start developing your backlinks. You will do just fine...
  11. BrandonSheley

    BrandonSheley loving life

    I've never had a problem and i have vbplaza and plenty of 3rd party mods on my vb site, and Never have a problem with any of them..

    and in vbseocp you can set page not to be mod rewrite.. so it would be very easy to put in .vbbooky.php and it then vbseo wouldn't affect it ;)

    I've seen around 100 threads like this,, many ppl are against vbseo for there own reasons,,
    none of it is really relevant, some say I wouldn't use it cuz it's encrypted, thats BS..lol your own browser is encrypted I bet ;)

    so, anyways.. there are many reason ppl think of not to use vbseo, but there are many sites that are getting positive reaction from vbseo.

    if you have any questions you really should just go to www.vbseo.com they have a demo where you can see everything, and all these questions that some are using against this product have been asked and answered there a million times..

  12. Odyssey

    Odyssey Enthusiast

    Says a member of the "vBSEO Pre-Release Team".


    Are you saying vBSEO staff never edit, delete, or hide bad reviews or posts from unhappy customers on their own forum?
  13. ForumFavor

    ForumFavor Aspirant

    I could never get it to leave /phpadsnew alone. No matter where I listed it at, it was still redirected and would then get a 404 page not found error.
  14. Jeff

    Jeff Adherent

    For what it's worth, I'm running VBSEO and phpadsnew with no trouble.

    I think the question with VBSEO should really be -- does it help to have search engine friendly URLs? If you think the answer is yes (as I do) then you have several options, of which VBSEO is one. Which option you select is up to you -- your needs, resources and comfort level with each option.

    Personally, I have found friendly URLs to be a help, and strongly recommend them. Whether you do that with VBSEO or some other solution is your call.
  15. BamaStangGuy

    BamaStangGuy Fanatic

    I use it on:

    My Ford Mustang Web Site
    My Politics Web Site
    and another web site I admin Texas Mustang Forums

    I absolutely LOVE it :) I would recommend it to anyone serious about SEO. There is no better product out there to rewrite your urls. Not to mention that rewriting urls is far from the only thing it does. For a sample of the features you can read my article on VBSEO
  16. BamaStangGuy

    BamaStangGuy Fanatic


    What does the Pre-Release team have to do with anything? It's not like he gets paid by them. :rolleyes: I disagree with some of the things that the VBSEO team recommends when configuring VBSEO and yet they are not deleting my posts or telling me to keep quiet.
  17. 64North

    64North geospatially inclined

    Heh, I like how you start the article off "First off I want to say that VBSEO is not overpriced.", with that right there you already alienated everyone who has a different opinion, regardless of any additional content of your review.

    If one would want to, one could go down the list of vBSEO features and accomplish the same thing for free with not much time investment if one knows how to edit templates.

    If anything vBSEO's price is not a function of it's features, but of the time savings it provides. Savy users are likely opt to implement the very same features on their own without to fork out the cash and maintenance fees if they have the time to do so.
  18. BamaStangGuy

    BamaStangGuy Fanatic


    I got better things to do, like make money with my time other than spending a year learning how to code, and then the rest of the time writing all the hacks that it would take to do all this.

    But by all means. Do it. I sure as hell am not going to stop you. While you are doing that, I will pay the 150 dollars and be done with it :) Have fun.

    I alienated no one. I voice my opinion on it not being over priced. I said that article was my opinion not fact. My opinion is it is well worth the money.

    Well then go that route. You will spend more than 150 dollars worth of time developing all the things that VBSEO does and that imo is not a smart thing at all to do.
  19. Kall

    Kall Devotee

    He might not, but I do.

    Hand on heart, no censorship like you describe happens on the vBSEO forums.

    The few non-positive comments that have been made are visible for all to see, mainly because most of the people in question were Supported through whatever issues they might have.

    Oh and.. first post here in over 12 months. Hey everybody! :)
  20. Lisa

    Lisa Chaotically Proportional

    *does a dance* for the sake of taking this thread off topic for a moment

    WOOHOO!!!!! Welcome back Kall :heart:
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